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I doubt I'll hit all of even most of these (some are Not My Thing, time, etc.) but I've been wanting to write some less lengthy and intense fics lately, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'll be keeping track of them here and also feel free to comment with pairings!

No Gossip Girl. Most pairing applicable, but absolutely miss me with this shit if you prompt Shadowhunters: Raphael/Izzy, Izzy/Simon, romantic Jace/Alec.

Pairings I am still interested in adding to this: Dot/Magnus, Alec/Magnus, Maia/Simon, Maia/Izzy, Aline/Izzy, Shadow/Ostara.

1. first time ::
 shadowhunters, jace/simon/maia :: the math of love triangles
. first time :: prefectlives :: wonder woman, diana/steve.
2. masturbation 
3. oral sex :: shadowhunters, jace/simon.
4. clothed or half-dressed 
5. fingering :: [community profile] girljustdied  :: american gods, laura/mad sweeney.
6. 69 :: lookinglassgirl :: wonder woman, diana/steve.
7. long-distance sex (phone, skype, telepathy)
8. dom/sub :: anonymous :: shadowhunters, jace/maia.
9. bondage :: daredevil, elektra/matt.
10. against the wall
11. in public place
12. on the floor :: tahitianmoon :: shadowhunters, maia/izzy.
13. in a car :: [community profile] girljustdied  :: the handmaid's tale, june/nick.
14. morning lazy sex :: [community profile] girljustdied  :: shadowhunters, jace/maia :: morning theft
15. outdoors/exposed to the elements (woods, parks, gardens, rain, etc.)
16. water-based sex (shower, bath, pool, etc.) :: shadowhunters, magnus/alec :: this body will never be safe from harm
17. in or on a place not a bed (table, desk, countertop, chair, etc.)
18. trying new position :: tahitianmoon :: shadowhunters, clary/izzy.
19. with toys
20. vanilla kink :: anonymous/dancinbutterfly :: shadowhunters, jace/simon.
21. rough sex
22. weapon play
23. danger kink
24. dirty talk :: anonymous :: shadowhunters, jace/maia.
25. trust kink
26. hurt/comfort
27. service kink
28. role playing
29. acting out fantasies
30. writer's choice (bad sex, threesomes)
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