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the diamond days are done. magnus/camille, pre-series.
with clasping arms and cautioning lips. isabelle/meliorn. pre-series.

blow out your matches. elektra natchios, pre-series. some elektra/matt.
thank you, void, it has been a stressful month. frank/karen.

merry-go-round. gossip girl. dan/blair. it happened one night AU.
a moment's ornament. the house of mirth. lily/selden. lily lives AU.
weird boy. the get down. dizzee/thor.

2016 in fic!
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Here we are again, guys and dolls. I was also thinking of doing a 'stuff I liked in this hellhole year!' post but idk if anyone is interested? Let me know? If so, I'll do it but if not then bye.

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a good year for fic, a bad year for everything else )
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shadowhunters. isabelle/meliorn. pre-series. 2k. ao3 link.

summary: Isabelle was the only one who wasn't afraid to go to the faerie market. That was where she met Meliorn.

note: For clarizabels! So sorry for the delay. I had an iffy couple of days, so prompts will resume after the holidays. :)
yet my mouth waters still )
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daredevil. karen/frank. 1k. ao3 link.
title from this graphic.

summary: Karen thinks she's forgetting the difference between rough and soft. Is there one?

note: for [ profile] stainofmylove! I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE THIS. I loved the prompt so much so I can only hope I did it a little bit of justice.
you know by now it takes a lot to see me hurt )
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the house of mirth. lily/selden. ao3 link.
lily lives au. 1k.

summary: Sitting across from Selden at the small café table, Lily Bart remained, in his estimation, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

note: This is for lilybarthes, appropriately. I hope you enjoy reading this little bit of wish fulfillment as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

she was a phantom of delight when first she gleamed upon my sight )
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gossip girl. blair/dan. 1k-ish words. ao3 link.
it happened one night AU. set in the 1930s.

summary: Blair should have known it wouldn't be that easy. One couldn't flee their own wedding with total disregard and jump on a bus heading west without facing a few consequences.

note: I'm on a roll! This is for nona. Enjoy!

princess flees wedding )
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daredevil. elektra natchios. mostly gen, some matt/elektra.
1k words. pre-series. ao3 link.

summary: She is never a good girl. She is never nice.

note: And the fics begin! This is for kinselllas. I hope you like it!

elektra burns )
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Hey! I know I was supposed to start posting already, but I got distracted / busy / felt extremely run down and shitty today, so they will pick up Sunday! And hopefully straighten out. Instead of working on literally any of my prompts in advance, I got embroiled in this bedraggled thing I've had sitting around for literal YEARS so hopefully that will an additional Christmas treat if I finish it this year. 
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Hello, kiddos. I know I'm barely here anymore, for which I am very sorry, but I am returning for my annual bout of holiday cheer. It's been especially difficult to focus on the frivolous lately when the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket, but we might as well enough the final holiday season before the apocalypse as much as we can. I know I could certainly use some distractions.

Last year I said that it was going to be the final time that I was doing holiday prompts, but honestly, I enjoy them so much and I could really use that this year. Plus I'm having trouble dedicating myself to my personal writing and I think it would be kind of freeing to churn out some little ficlets. I'll be doing a limited amount of days, post-Yuletide.

rules & fandoms )

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the diamond days are done
shadowhunters. magnus bane/camille belcort.
2.6k words. pre-series.

summary: Was it wrong to enjoy her softness when she so liked to be sharp?

( kissed by darkness, birthed by violence )
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First of all, hey! I never post & am generally terrible. Second of all, MEME. This is my favorite prompt-gathering meme but I am fuckin TURRIBLE at writing fic lately though I am very desperate to read some! The problem with this is that finding fic that is to my taste is damn near impossible for some reason lately. I really miss the fic trends of my heyday because the fic trends of 2016 don't really work for me. Which leads me to the point of this post!

I thought it would be cute to twist the rules of this meme a little to receive recs instead of prompts. AKA please curate AO3 for me so I can stop scrolling through endless pages of NONSENSE.

01. I'm going to comment to this post with a list of characters or pairings I feel like reading.

02. Reply to said comment with recs. Feel free to write something if you get inspired!

03. If you want to receive recs as well, then post your own list of characters or pairings you're
interested in as a separate comment to this post--so that people can rec things to you!
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crave you. clary/izzy. roommates au.
thanks to the full moon in scorpio. magnus/alec.
saving simon lewis. simon/raphael. au where simon doesn't turn.
see i'm much too clever. simon/jace.
i'm gonna leave you anyway. jace/lydia.

so tired of it all. frank/karen.
just need one last nail. matt/elektra. au where matt kills roscoe sweeney.
if you're the prosecution, I get away with murder. matt/elektra. college days.

surviving. jennifer's body. needy. post-movie.
i belong to the cult of love. ahs: hotel. hypodermic sally. pre-series.
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i belong to the cult of love
american horror story: hotel. hypodermic sally-centric. donovan cameo.
1.5k words. pre-series. ao3 link.

summary: Sally knew she looked normal from the outside. From the outside no one could see.

note: Successfully finished my seven days of fic! This is a few days late, but it was written already; I just didn't have a spare moment to post until now. Very happy with my endeavor & also this proves to me just how not lazy I can be if I set my mind to it. This fic is for [ profile] tahitianmoon, I hope you enjoy it! <3 I was very inspired by Nancy Spungen for this and took a lot of details from her life for Sally's.

I feel good when things are going wrong / I only listen to the sad, sad songs )
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saving simon lewis
shadowhunters. simon/raphael.
2.5k words. au wherein raphael prevents simon's death. ao3 link.

summary: Raphael closed his eyes and appeared to mentally count to ten if the tap of his fingers against the outside of his thigh was anything to go by.

note: final part!

part three )
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saving simon lewis
shadowhunters. simon/raphael.
2k words. au wherein raphael prevents simon's death. ao3 link.

summary: Raphael closed his eyes and appeared to mentally count to ten if the tap of his fingers against the outside of his thigh was anything to go by.

note: decided to continue it! :)

part two )
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I'm gonna leave you anyway
shadowhunters. lydia/jace.
1592 words. set post-s1. ao3 link.

summary: "Come on," she says. "You want a challenge, don't you?"

note: I actually did finish this yesterday I was just too sleepy to post! I didn't actually get the prompt for this from my recent post, it was from somewhere else, I can't remember. I've been holding onto it ever since though, so lemme know if anybody remember it being theirs! Couldn't resist the combo of You're the Worst and a rare ship. Ended up a sadder fic than I intended, though.

i'm scared of this shit, you know? )
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see I'm much too clever
shadowhunters. simon/jace.
1075 words. set during 1x06. ao3 link.

summary: "This is bad," Simon groaned, head thrown back against the leather interior of Luke's crashed, stashed car. "This is so bad."

note: for one of these prompts. I was going to do something else for today but it wasn't working out so I threw together some quick porn. As one does. Also I want everyone to know I finished this before midnight but my INTERNET DIED.

to stay inside my lane when it's spiraling )


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