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see I'm much too clever
shadowhunters. simon/jace.
1075 words. set during 1x06. ao3 link.

summary: "This is bad," Simon groaned, head thrown back against the leather interior of Luke's crashed, stashed car. "This is so bad."

note: for one of these prompts. I was going to do something else for today but it wasn't working out so I threw together some quick porn. As one does. Also I want everyone to know I finished this before midnight but my INTERNET DIED.

to stay inside my lane when it's spiraling )
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saving simon lewis
shadowhunters. simon/raphael. pre-slash
2000 words. au wherein raphael prevents simon's death. ao3 link.

summary: Simon tried to envision himself sitting amongst all those moody, black-clad warriors and saying, You remember that Raphael guy? He wasn't as bad as the other vampires trying to kill me for sport and blackmail. He only poked me with a knife a little bit.

note: Diverges from canon right before Simon is killed; instead thanks to Raphael he gets to hang onto his mundie card a little longer. Just a random idea I had this morning and decided to try out. Not sure I really did it any justice. For one of these prompts.

you're not supposed to invite them in )
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if you're the prosecution I get away with murder
daredevil. matt/elektra. some foggy.
1005 words. college era. ao3 link.

summary: Elektra's his girl, the worst one he knows.

note: written for a bunch of prompts. college!mattelektra is my kryptonite.

you wanted violins and you got nero )
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here are some ficathon fics i've been writing, gathered into one post for purposes of keeping my shit in one place:

+ surviving. jennifer's body, needy. post-movie.

+ so tired of it all. daredevil, frank/karen.

+ just need one last nail. daredevil, matt/elektra. au where he does kill roscoe sweeney.

and here is a rec for a very lovely and very painful jon/sansa fic that is exactly what i wanted in the wake of this recent season:

+ freshly disowned in some frozen devotion. by [ profile] sing_song_sung.
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thanks to the full moon in scorpio
shadowhunters. alec/magnus. post-s1.
6926 words. ao3 link.

summary: No one was paying any attention at all to Alec, so Alec kept paying attention to Magnus.

note: Inspired by their final scene in 1x13, and also an attempt to fill in potentially missing moments in their relationship before that.
you're the grand one but darling i'm a mess )
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crave you
shadowhunters. clary/izzy. multiple background pairings. roommate AU.
3781 words. ao3 link.

summary: Every morning Clary wakes up warm and happy that she ended up with Isabelle as a roommate. She's not sure what she did to get so lucky.

Nights are a different story.

note: Inspired by this post that was making the rounds on tumblr/in fandom.

got my heart in a silver cage )
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send you my love on a wire
Blair/Dan. Also Jenny, Serena, Vanessa.
2991 words. 90s musician au.

summary: Blair craves cameras long before she figures out what to do in front of them. To go from unremarkable to poreless, polished, perfect – it's something Blair quickly becomes addicted to.

now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend )
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the loneliest little soldier.
daredevil. matt/claire, matt/elektra.
1919 words. ao3 link.

summary: "So tell me about Elektra," Claire says. "You know you want to."

note: Set in a vague alternate timeline where Claire and Matt live together and Elektra is not dead; possibly just say it’s a couple years in the future post-current angst and resurrection?
neither of them sleep at night, so there's that )
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simon says.
daredevil. elektra natchios/matt murdock. 841 words. set during college.
originally posted here.

summary: He’s having trouble remembering the last time he thought of something besides Elektra.

we belong together )
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I wanna be your dog.
daredevil. frank castle/karen page. 950 words. wonky timeline.
originally posted here.

summary: She gets a sudden sense of the man he was before. One who tucked in his kids. Who sang along to the radio. Are they different, or was he always both?

so messed up I want you here )
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music to watch girls to
shadowhunters. clary/izzy.
1219 words. pre-relationship.

summary: They're both laughing, helpless and stupid with it. Izzy doesn't remember half as much of this before Clary came here. She remembers smirks and side-eye and the occasional chuckle but never gasping laughing over something that isn't even that funny, when you think about it.

( you’ve got a good heart / I like that about you / you’re always in trouble / and I like that too )
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all of this then back again
shadowhunters. magnus/alec.
2282 words. set during 1x11. pornography.

summary: Magnus is joking when he says, "You," but Alec says, "Okay."

note: does writing fic mean i've crossed the line from guilty pleasure to genuine pleasure? dear god i hope not

( I won't say it if you won't say it first )
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the overnight. 5600 words. alex, kurt, emily, charlotte. everyone/everyone.
ao3 link.

summary: The only thing keeping their tenuous friendship going is that no one talks about The Night unless it is in the most veiled of terms. Repression is good, repression is familiar, repression is something Alex will happily return to like a warm blanket at the end of a cold night.

And it works just fine up until he kisses Kurt again.

our stars are now a constellation )
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as the hours and the days and the weeks
gossip girl. 4045 words. 1940s au.
dan, nate, serena, blair. mostly gen with some romantic vibes.
w: general wartime sad stuff, character death, suicidal ideation.

summary: They meet in the trenches.

note: For [ profile] lookinglassgirl! I know this is nothing you asked for, but once I had the idea I couldn't quite let it go, so I hope you like it! Tried to do as much research as I could in a few days but I'm sure there are still inaccuracies, haha. This idea ended up more ambitious than I realized. Thanks @ [ profile] sing_song_sung; a couple of lines of this originally came from a joint fic that didn't quite pan out.

that doesn't mean there's nothing there )
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gossip girl. 1500 words. serena/carter.

summary: "I don't know what kind of life I want," Serena confesses. "All I know if that I don't like any of the ones I try."

note: For [ profile] sing_song_sung! A little early because I had this one done first. I was legit thisclose to doing your DS ghost prompt, because who am I to resist such potentially romcom-esque shenanigans, but then I saw this post on tumblr and it felt like it kind of tied into your Serena/Carter prompt, so I ended up using it for the structure of the fic. ANYWAY, I hope you like it! :) Love these two messed up idiots.

you'll never be who you wanna be with all that money )
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gossip girl. 8886 words. inspired by/based on my best friend's wedding.
serena, blair, carter, dan. one-sided serena/blair. dan/blair. serena & carter bros 4 lyf.

summary: Blair's birthday came first, of course, and they'd celebrated drunk in Paris, giggly and silly, and Blair had teased, Now if you don't get married in the next year, you're mine.

note: For anonymous! My deep apologies that this is a day late, but as you can see it ended up being...longer than anticipated, haha. I wrote this fic in something of a fugue state; I busted through it in the last three days in such a fever that I barely even remember doing it. So...that was weird. But I hope you like this! It was a v. fun prompt and I love this movie.

I’m a busy girl. I’ve got exactly four days to break up a wedding, steal the groom’s girl, and I haven’t one clue how to do it. )
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marvel. 1475 words. gen.
natasha. clint, steve, sam, wanda.
ao3 link.

summary: Natasha was the only one in control now.

note: for [ profile] thecruelone! My goal with this was to sort of check in with Natasha in the in-betweens – after she left the Red Room, after she joined SHIELD, in between each movie. Natasha's downtime, and the people she connects with during. (Also Clint is comic!Clint not movie!Clint ofc.)

In the old days I spread fires and floods and pestilence on my toast )
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american horror story: hotel. 1921 words. ao3 link.
donovan/the countess, donovan/ramona, even a lil donovan/sally.

summary: Donovan had one lover and she lived in his veins.

note: for [ profile] stainofmylove! Thank u for this glorious prompt, this fic was something I very much needed to write. I hope you enjoy it. <3 <3 Pls consider my Donovan mix a companion to it.

you make me feel like I am whole again )
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the man from u.n.c.l.e. gaby & napoleon.
gen. 1459 words. ao3 link.

summary: Her first instinct will always be to crack things open and figure out how the insides fit together, determine what makes them run. What makes Napoleon Solo run, outside of self-interest?

note: For [ profile] ms_mmelissa! I hope you enjoy it! :)

your scarf suggests that you'd like to sell used cars )
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Here are the fics I wrote for Yuletide this year! Someone explain to me how I have written THREE fics featuring James Dean when I do not even really like him. Also somehow all of these fics feature dancing. Their only thematic link tbh.

this is going swell. you're the worst. gretchen, lindsay, becca. pre-series, set in high school.
It's not that Gretchen and Lindsay are friends. Gretchen has friends, other girls with edgy haircuts who go to raves with her over the weekend. But Lindsay keeps her company when she cuts class and always has the good snacks in her bag, so Gretchen figures they can be co-workers for now.

lo sparo a te (bang bang). the man from u.n.c.l.e. gaby/napoleon.
The thing was, Solo could dance.

c'est si bon. classic hollywood rpf. eartha kitt/james dean/paul newman.
"I want to move like you," he says. "Can you teach me how to move my body like you do on stage?"


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