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anonymous prompted: teen dramas? or if that's to broad what are your favourite teen shows, and which are your least favourite and why? or how do you think the genre has evolved from the days of Beverly Hills 90120, to the 90's, to the 00's, to now?

For the sake of brevity, I’m not going to include any teen shows with supernatural elements (sorry, Buffy and Sabrina!) because that’s like a genre and an entry unto itself. I’m also going to try to focus on shows that are primarily teen-centric, not where the teen stuff is only a portion of the whole story (like, say, Gilmore Girls) or where the coming of age happens over a longer period of time (Boy Meets World). Leaving those kinds of shows out means I am absolutely painting an incomplete picture of the development of teen dramas (BtVS is obviously so instrumental to the genre) but I wanted to keep the focus relatively narrow.

Something I find interesting is that with the exception of one (and that one show has a pretty distinct hook), all of these kinds of normal teen coming of age shows are basically defunct.

So, in chronological order, shows that I feel mark the evolution of the art form we call the Teen Drama:
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[ profile] jeuxdemaux prompted: favorite tv shows as a kid (and why)? and if you have tried rewatching them in recent years: do you still like them?

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So sorry for the delay! I ended up just having no time at all yesterday.

[ profile] prefectlives prompted: favorite makeup advertising campaigns OR favorite makeup brands in terms of ~aesthetic~/branding/packaging.

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[ profile] lusimeles prompted: your thoughts/feelings about old hollywood leading ladies and their super glam lives

And I decided to do a list of my faves! So, here it is (gifs stolen from tumblr of course):

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[ profile] ladymercury_10 prompted: core elements of your personal aesthetic both ideally and in practice

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anonymous prompted: how about books/movies/songs/anything really that you liked, but from genres you usually avoid?

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anonymous prompted: How about movies you really, really hated? (Or the ones you were excited about, but ended up hating and why?)

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anonymous prompted: your favorite video games and/or graphic novels, and if not favorite tv scenes from any time period of your life

Wowza what a hard choice! I do not play video games, so that one's out; favorite tv scenes is very exciting but so broad I think it would take me forever! And I don't really understand what constitutes a graphic novel but I have been reading a lot of comics lately, so I guess let's do a ramble ramble post about comics? I hope that's cool with you, anon?

(But seriously, can someone explain graphic novels to me? Are they not the same thing as comics? Does a graphic novel have to be a standalone long work? When they compile a bunch of comics into a book, does that make it a graphic novel or is it something else? Is it an anthology? Bueller??)

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[ profile] lesoleilluna prompted: some of your favourite headcanons (gg, hp, or skins)

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Aaaaand back to our regularly scheduled programming, so sorry for the delay.

[ profile] 12_12_12 prompted: what are some of your favorite movie scenes/moments and why?

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[ profile] ladymercury_10 prompted: how about favorite femslash ships and/or female friendships?

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Hey guys! Sorry I totally blanked on the Ask Me Anything meme; I've been doing renovation for like the past two weeks, so I've been away from the internet and also totally losing track of all time (genuinely thought it was the 19th today) because I am so tuckered out. But I guarantee if you prompted me you will see a response posted here before the end of the month. Eternal Scouts' honor.

[ profile] lusimeles prompted: what would you say were your most formative books, both as a person and/or writer?

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