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according to keats and fitzgerald
Serena van der Woodsen + everyone.
4071 words. PG13.
W: underage sex/drugs, Lily being a terrible mother

Summary: Contrary to popular belief, she doesn't always get what she wants.

i'm sick of feeling like i'm fucking crazy )
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bad kid
Georgina Sparks + assorted canon relationships.
1364 words. R.
W: prostitution, drug use, the usual suspects.

Summary: It's not a bad thing to want to feel whole.

she was a different person then, quite literally )
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to burn in here with me
Dan/Blair. 5073 words. R/NC-17.
Sequel to I want someone badly. Season 2 AU.

Summary: They're not very careful.

don't do anything, do it with me )

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Serena. Serena/Blair, Serena/Nate, Serena/Carter, Serena/Dan. Appearances by Tripp, Aaron, Gabriel, Ben, and Max.
3338 words. PG13.

Summary: Serena leans into the mirror and looks at herself and smiles – it still comes easily, the smiling.

I'm through with love, will never fall again )
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some days are all mondays
Nate. Nate/Dan, Nate/Cater. Vague Nate/Serena and background Blair/Serena.
3586 words. PG13.

Summary: Nate is on his hundredth spiritual journey.

I didn't know you smoked )
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RIA. I hope you are having the most marvelous of days ever! And I hope this little mix meets all of your specifications and is what you want and makes you happy. :P

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JULIETTE. I am so sorry I am getting this in so under the gun! But I was sadly away from my computer all day - so heeere, now, let Darren Criss welcome you into a supermegafoxyawesomegay birthday picspam extravaganza!

K, I may be overselling it a bit. :P

here be spam )
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