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as the hours and the days and the weeks
gossip girl. 4045 words. 1940s au.
dan, nate, serena, blair. mostly gen with some romantic vibes.
w: general wartime sad stuff, character death, suicidal ideation.

summary: They meet in the trenches.

note: For [ profile] lookinglassgirl! I know this is nothing you asked for, but once I had the idea I couldn't quite let it go, so I hope you like it! Tried to do as much research as I could in a few days but I'm sure there are still inaccuracies, haha. This idea ended up more ambitious than I realized. Thanks @ [ profile] sing_song_sung; a couple of lines of this originally came from a joint fic that didn't quite pan out.

that doesn't mean there's nothing there )
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dan, blair, serena. superhero au. 1256 words.

summary: "Blair," Serena says firmly, voice ringing. "Don't you think this has gone on long enough?"

note: for [ profile] ivy32! this ended up more dan-centric than was originally intended, so...oops? that just sometimes happens with me. anyway, i hope you enjoy this fic and i am genuinely sorry it couldn't be longer, but time is unfortunately tight with the december prompts. also superhero ~names are stupidly difficult to come up with without sounding like a cheeseball.

selfishness. loss of faith in humanity. tired of being the underdog. )
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once I was
Dan/Blair, Vanessa, Jenny. 3208 words.
90s musicians AU.
sequel to half of what I say is meaningless

For [ profile] stainofmylove!!!

Summary: He turns away from mirrors as much as he can.

soon there'll be another to tell you I was just a lie )
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like your girls insane
Gossip Girl/Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 crossover.
Dan, Chloe. 357 words.

Summary: The next thing he knows he's waking up half-dressed under a coffee table with the big-eyed blonde from the night before staring down at him in disappointment through the glass.

you wanna get crazy in the bathroom? )
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not like I faint every time we touch
Nelly Yuki/Dan. 961 words.

Summary: He calls and his voice is very sheepish, very sweet, all charm.

I'm sorry I stumbled in here like an idiot )
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you went through me headfirst
Dan. Georgina. Nate. 9342 words. R.

Summary: Dan wants to forget everything that came before Rome and everything that'll come after.

how long, babe, can you search for what is not lost? )

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Finally! It was about time I made a Dan mix, y/y? Obviously I waffled over it for 800 years. Ships include: Dan/Serena, Dan/Blair, and even Dan/Vanessa. Also Dan/Angst. I would say that is the main pairing of this mix. As with most of my mixes, I tried my hardest to stick to a 'this is what I think is on Dan's iPod' kinda thing. Except, er, like three Bob Dylan songs. And tbh I don't think Dan Humphrey would really dig Bobby, but w/e, I love him, it's not my fault all his music is perfect, etc, etc. HOWEVER, if there is a star song of this mix (and there always is in my mixes, I tend to build the whole thing around one song) it is "Lover, You Should Have Come Over." Which...I cannot even explain, it gives me ALL THE DAN FEELINGS in th world.

Very much pre-series/s1!Dan vs s4/s5!Dan - which is pretty much the road I'm taking with all my GG character mixes. I want to do one for (almost) everyone, ambitiously, excluding characters I've done already like Carter and Blair. So upcoming will be Serena, Nate, and Jenny. Also upcoming is a Dan/Blair mix, a Dan/Serena mix, and a 1960s!AU mix. Lordy.

Also I am debating switching from mediafire to something else for music uploading purposes. Suggestions? Try to convince me to stick to mediafire? Anything? Bueller?

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here's looking at you, kid
Characters: Dan, Georgina, appearances by everyone else
Rating/Word Count: PG13 / 6174

Summary: It doesn't mean anything to him. It's a splotchy sonogram picture. It's a word. A boy. A son. Dan's son.

He eyes her stomach like it's an intruder )


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