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the dark gift
Darla. Angelus.
511 words. PG13.

Summary: Darla always knew she was a bad girl.

Note: For [ profile] 12_12_12 on 12-12-12!

she has a pretty face to hide the ugly one beneath )
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the bare bones
Buffy, Willow, Xander, Spike, Oz, Angel, Darla, Cordelia. Multi-pairing.
1445 words. Rated R.
W: Some violence and references to violence; torture; fire play; blood. Nothing more than what you see in the show.

Summary: If you don't stand up against the darkness, you fall into the void. Set in the alternate universe presented in The Wish.

she's going to live through high school if it kills her )
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live through this with me
Darla. Angel. R. 642 words.
Warning: biting, blood.

Summary: The worst thing about the man with the soul is that he's walking around with her boy's face.

you can scream all you want )

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01 - 54 Gossip Girl
55 - 72 Glee
73 - 83 Misc. (Sirens, Heroes, Angel)


iconssss )

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I totes mcgoats had this ready last night, but then I had to go live my life, so it did not get posted. So they'll be extra Darla today! I know everyone is just thrilled.

Drusilla: We could have a thousand soldiers, and still he'd come... Galloping, galloping, still he'll come.

Darla: Why is everybody trying to make this about Angel? I mean, for God's sake, can't a woman wreak a little havoc without there being a man involved?

Drusilla: You miss him, like a heartbeat.

Darla: I don't miss my heartbeat, Dru. It was a symptom of a disease I've since been cured of. 

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Threw this together veeery quickly. They were the songs that immediately came to mind for her, I barely second-guessed any of them, and I'm actually pretty cool with this. Which is like the complete opposite of the way I normally make mixes. Tried to keep the music both pretty and shout-y/violent. "Ill Wind" is forever a Darla song. Bowie is for the Fanged Four. Some vague Angel-y songs. Pretty self-explanatory.

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I've decided to do [ profile] womenlovefest and chose Darla, after much waffling (Anne Boleyn almost won out; I'll probably get her on the next go around). DARLA IS FLAWLESS. She is one of my favorite fictional characters of ever and yet gets zero love on my journal. So wooo for this!

I'm mostly planning to do some random, pretty graphics, maybe some meta, and fanmix, and a fic (if school decides to give me the time). Fun! I really need a Darla icon, fo' realz.


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