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without a key (5/5)
Nate, Dan, Blair, Serena, Jenny. Also Chuck.
s1 AU; Nate left town instead of Serena.
PG13. 5665 words.

Summary: Nate always knew he was a disappointment but it's another thing to have it confirmed.

you don't know what you want )
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without a key (4/5)
Nate, Dan, Blair, Serena, Jenny. Also Chuck.
s1 AU; Nate left town instead of Serena.
PG13. 6228 words.

Summary: Dan is calling again, and again Nate hits ignore, turning up his music as though doing so will tune out his brain.

It's his fault. He knows that – only it seems like no one else does. )
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A lot of fanmixes lately for some reason! This is another one that I had done for ages but was too lazy to do the art for. It's second to last in my series of GG character mixes, which can be found in my masterlist; the last one is Georgina, and then I'm done!

Nate music was kind of funny, idk, I thought it would be a lot harder because I don't know if Nate's taste in music jives with my own, if that makes sense? But I think I made it work okay. Also I randomly miss NV a lot? They were so cute! Dimples! Also it's sad I couldn't utilize the lyric of "10,000 Lovers" that namedrops Lola, which was just too perfect. Alas not everything can be squeezed onto every graphic.

whose culture is this and does anybody know )
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without a key (3/5)
Nate, Dan, Blair, Serena. Also Chuck.
PG13. 5891 words.

Summary: He runs because it's all he knows how to do.

he misses serena's tipsy giggles and blair's wide smiles )
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every time I see you everything starts making sense
One-sided Penelope/Nate, some Nate/Blair. 552 words. Set very early in s1, even pre-series.

Summary: Penelope suffers through high school like a particularly lush prison sentence.

Note: Originally posted here. I know I am a few days behind in holiday prompt fills (partially because of LJ's freakout) but I plan on picking them up again tomorrow and posting at least two a day. :)

i stare at you like i'm looking through a window )
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without a key (2/5)
Nate, Dan, Blair, Serena. Ew, also Chuck.
PG13. 7975 words.

Summary: The girls had been like that as long as Nate had known them, opposing forces fastened together.

Why'd you leave? )
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you went through me headfirst
Dan. Georgina. Nate. 9342 words. R.

Summary: Dan wants to forget everything that came before Rome and everything that'll come after.

how long, babe, can you search for what is not lost? )

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without a key (1/5)
Nate, Dan, Blair, Serena. Ew, also Chuck.
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 5274

Summary: Nate doesn't want to come home but he doesn't have much of a choice. S1 AU in which Nate is basically Serena.

nate archibald, is that you? )


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