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Hello, kiddos. I know I'm barely here anymore, for which I am very sorry, but I am returning for my annual bout of holiday cheer. It's been especially difficult to focus on the frivolous lately when the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket, but we might as well enough the final holiday season before the apocalypse as much as we can. I know I could certainly use some distractions.

Last year I said that it was going to be the final time that I was doing holiday prompts, but honestly, I enjoy them so much and I could really use that this year. Plus I'm having trouble dedicating myself to my personal writing and I think it would be kind of freeing to churn out some little ficlets. I'll be doing a limited amount of days, post-Yuletide.

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As I spend the days trying to squeeze in all my favorite Christmas movies before D-day I thought it might be fun to do a little post about them! These are movies that I more or less watch every year around the holidays, a lot of which are family favorites and therefore very close to my heart.

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It’s that time of the year!

Well, sort of. In the interest of not wanting to feel homicidal, I have made the executive decision to do New Years prompts instead of December prompts! (Thanks 2 [ profile] lookinglassgirl for that, because when I was whining about not having time for everything she was like ‘errr just move it to January’ and let me tell you it was a REVELATION for me.) These prompts are one of my favorite things to do because I always get really cool prompts and end up writing really fun stuff, but it takes A LOT of my brain power, so I wanted to have enough time to devote to them. Plus it extends the holiday vibes! This is also the last year I’m doing these, so let’s make it count!

I’m also going to be a little bit of a hardass. Its_My_Life_BonJovi.mp3. Some pertinent info:

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Go forth and prompt, my darlings. I am very excited to see what I get!

JAN 1: [ profile] dancinbutterfly. ahs: hotel + tristan/liz + ghosts at the hotel cortez need a purpose
JAN 3: [ profile] earnmysong. alicia vikander + picspam/icons
JAN 5: [ profile] ms_mmelissa. tmfu + gaby/napoleon + Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be. Just like your scarf suggests that you’d like to sell used cars.
JAN 7: [ profile] bond_girl. ahs: hotel + donovan + drinking cherry cola, sweet serial killer
JAN 9: [ profile] lusimeles. modern au of a classic story.
JAN 11: [ profile] stainofmylove. ahs: hotel + donovan/ramona, donovan/countess + a man needs something he can hold onto. a nine pound hammer or a woman like you.
JAN 13: [ profile] prefectlives. dita von teese + picspam
JAN 15: [ profile] thecruelone. marvel + natasha + [ x ]
JAN 17: [ profile] ladymercury_10. jessica jones + classic noir au
JAN 19: anonymous. gossip girl + life partners and/or my best friend's wedding
JAN 21: [ profile] lookinglassgirl. one of these.
JAN 23: [ profile] sing_song_sung. one of these.
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The fic that I am supposed to post today is definitely not going to be posted today – both a good and a bad thing. Bad because I really wanted to finish all my prompts this month and tbh I'm disappointed in myself! But good because it needs a little more time and care than I can spare at the mo, so it'll probably end up a little longer. But since I have about a third of it written so far, I thought I'd post a teaser. That's got to be less disappointing, right? Right.

So, for [ profile] lookinglassgirl, love you mucho, here is a snippet of a fic that you will be receiving – a la your prompt, a kind of My Fair Lady/Selfie pastiche with a bit of Drive Me Crazy thrown in for good measure. Set in a s1 that only barely resembles our own.

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wanna be your lover, baby (don't wanna be your boss)
dan/blair. theatre au. 2383 words.

summary: Dan met Blair six years ago when she was the understudy for the lead girl in a play he was working on. "Sure, she's got star power," he remembers Blair saying. "But I've got talent." When that line showed up in the next play he wrote, Dan knew he was a goner.

note: for [ profile] corleones! I switched the last two prompts for ~creative reasons. hope no one minds! ao3 link.

a writer, an actress, a failed romance )
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le coup de foudre.
lestat, louis, claudia. 803 words.

summary: three vignettes about desire.

note: for [ profile] thisismylie! i am terribly sorry about the short length of this one! i hope you enjoy it. :) on ao3 for those that prefer that.

I want to eat your skin like a whole almond )
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pusher love girl
serena/carter. 2305 words. post-s5.

summary: Serena never believed in love at first sight but as soon as she looked at Carter, she thought: yes. You're for me.

note: for [ profile] sing_song_sung! love u boo <3 basically this fic is one of those 'I wish this had happened instead' sort of things lol. actually more friendshippy than shippy, not sure how that happened, and pretty angsty which I imagine you'll enjoy. also bless your prompt I love that song.

honey you're familiar like my mirror years ago )
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miss teen cactus flower
1126 words. lauren + assorted.
pre-series and s1-based.

summary: It's Lauren's luck that she ends up the wicked stepsister.

note: for anonymous! I don't know who you are, but I hope you like this. On AO3.

It's not all light and bright in here. There are some places devoid of even a hint of sparkle. )
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the masochism tango
dan/georgina. 1323 words. r.

summary: Georgina finds she likes Dan best like this, all used up and spat out. Corrupting staunch morals is all good and fun, but there is something to having them come pre-corrupted. At the very least it's awfully convenient.

note: for [ profile] thecruelone! could not resist writing about these fucked up losers some more. set post s6 and all canon pretty much applies except dan is not gossip girl and he didn't marry serena. but that's not super important anyway.

their relationship so far has been a series of escalating dares )
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ride or die
serena, blair, carter. all variations.
2293 words. r.

summary: Maybe her heart's a little more scarred up.

note: for [ profile] prefectlives! I am so sorry for the delay, time away from me. Porn is weirdly difficult to write on a time crunch and also this is not even porny enough. But still! Carter Baizen as everyone's wish fulfillment one night stand! Good times!

you seem sorta lonely )
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dan, blair, serena. superhero au. 1256 words.

summary: "Blair," Serena says firmly, voice ringing. "Don't you think this has gone on long enough?"

note: for [ profile] ivy32! this ended up more dan-centric than was originally intended, so...oops? that just sometimes happens with me. anyway, i hope you enjoy this fic and i am genuinely sorry it couldn't be longer, but time is unfortunately tight with the december prompts. also superhero ~names are stupidly difficult to come up with without sounding like a cheeseball.

selfishness. loss of faith in humanity. tired of being the underdog. )
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steve/natasha. cameos by clint, tony, and pepper.
1961 words. set between Avengers and Cap2.

summary: He lets Natasha waltz him around the room ("This is not actually a waltz, Steve," she says), leading him but pretending like it's him doing the leading. Afterwards she deems him in need of practice but, in her words, "not a total disaster."

note: for [ profile] catteo! I really hope you like it. put it on ao3 too.

the night is still and silent and steve's apartment has too many windows )
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For [ profile] ladymercury_10! I hope you enjoy this! I tried to stick to using underappreciated songs like you asked though I am...not actually sure I did that, haha. Just my normal kind of stuff, really. Title song is not even on the mix (whoops?) but it was more appropos than the working title, which was 'chill dreamy romantic stuff.'

This is just a general mix; no fandom association intended, nothing to do with A Place in the Sun though that is where I took the cover picture from. Oh, and nothing to do with the holidays either, lol. I see now that the title of this post is misleading.

Also this is legit the only thing I had done ahead of time out of all my December prompts, so this month should be fun.

I wanna be your lover, baby, I don't wanna be your boss )
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nelly yuki. also: dan, blair, other people, ocs. 1547 words.

SUMMARY: Nelly Yuki was a loser from the second she stepped foot in her first Constance classroom.

NOTE: For [ profile] lusimeles, I hope you like it!! I have been wanting to write a Nelly Yuki fic for a long time so I was glad of the excuse, honestly. Getting this in soooort of under the gun but it still counts!!

you're worth the whole damn lot of them put together )
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Since I'm so bored and tumblr is so ugly, have this:

Here's how it works: comment with a day + a fandom, character, or pairing + a prompt. You can request fic, picspams, or fanmixes. A prompt can range from a word to some lyrics to a scenario. I do reserve the right to turn down a prompt if I'm not feeling it. One prompt per person.

Fandoms: Gossip Girl. Marvel - MCU and certain comics. Faking It. Movies. You can check my tags or whatever for other stuff. Or you can just ask!

some dates )
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For [ profile] earnmysong! Got a bit of a late start on these prompts, but hopefully it'll be business as usual from here on out.

My original idea for this was to do a cap of Buffy per episode, but that....quickly got out of hand, so instead just have a bunch of caps of Buffy that I thought were pretty from every season!

I walk I talk I shop I sneeze )
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Hi y'all! I've been pretty MIA this month in terms of posting and that is going to continue because I'm wrapped up in a project that is zapping all of the free time I have that is not devoted exclusively to procrastination. So in the interim I thought I'd put up my yearly holiday meme thing and we can all look forward to lots of posting in December!

Here's how it works: comment with a day, a fandom, a character or pairing, and a prompt. Also please don't only post fic prompts; it's really difficult to churn out like a dozen or so fics in a short span of time, so I beg of thee request picspams, graphics, icons, and fanmixes as well! I'm going to need a little writing break soon because I've been doing a lot of it and it would help a sister out if y'all differentiated this ish.

Fandoms up for discussion: Gossip Girl, Classic Hollywood, BtVS, AtS, Daria, the Vampire Diaries (tho I'm not done with s2 yet and NO DAMON) classic lit, the Vampire Chronicles, VC Andrews novels, American Horror Story, THG, and basically anything else you've ever seen me post about lol. Lots of movies (try me, I've seen a lot)! And also feel free to check my scrapbook for stuff. Or my tags, w/e.

Prompt weird stuff! Prompt fun stuff! PROMPTING CLOSED

Edit: Oops, totally lost track of the fact that these were supposed to start already, so I'm moving them back a little! So sorry!

available dates within )
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In case anyone missed their holiday fic, here is a final masterlist. :)

the age of dissonance (1/?). dan/blair. for  [ profile] thmaymuc.
baby it's cold outside. don/joan. for  [ profile] mercuryfish.
still point of the turning world. madge undersee. for  [ profile] lookinglassgirl.
the dark gift. darla/angelus. for  [ profile] 12_12_12.
he not busy being born is busy dying. gale/katniss. for  [ profile] jada_jasmine.
half of what I say is meaningless (1/?). dan/blair. for  [ profile] stainofmylove.
dear so-and-so. dan/serena. for  [ profile] sing_song_sung.
psychobabble all upon your lips. dan/georgina. for  [ profile] dae_dreemer.
two seeming bodies. sansa/margaery. for  [ profile] youremyqueen.
kings and queens. renly/margaery/robb. for  [ profile] rachel2205.
bang bang (my baby shot me down) (1/?). blair/beatrice/dan. for  [ profile] ms_mmelissa.
let's pretend. blair/serena. for  [ profile] lisal825.

+ 11 more fics! )


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