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i belong to the cult of love
american horror story: hotel. hypodermic sally-centric. donovan cameo.
1.5k words. pre-series. ao3 link.

summary: Sally knew she looked normal from the outside. From the outside no one could see.

note: Successfully finished my seven days of fic! This is a few days late, but it was written already; I just didn't have a spare moment to post until now. Very happy with my endeavor & also this proves to me just how not lazy I can be if I set my mind to it. This fic is for [ profile] tahitianmoon, I hope you enjoy it! <3 I was very inspired by Nancy Spungen for this and took a lot of details from her life for Sally's.

I feel good when things are going wrong / I only listen to the sad, sad songs )
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american horror story: hotel. 1921 words. ao3 link.
donovan/the countess, donovan/ramona, even a lil donovan/sally.

summary: Donovan had one lover and she lived in his veins.

note: for [ profile] stainofmylove! Thank u for this glorious prompt, this fic was something I very much needed to write. I hope you enjoy it. <3 <3 Pls consider my Donovan mix a companion to it.

you make me feel like I am whole again )
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For [ profile] bond_girl! I am starting to feel like all my mixes have the same songs on them, lol, so apologies if this overlaps with anything else I have already done. It's not my fault Jeff Buckley doesn't have more albums!!!

Also I know "Take Me to Church" is kiiiind of cliché by now, but it might as well be Donovan's anthem, so. I had to stick it on here. Well, actually, "Love Me Please Love Me" might be his anthem slightly more. That was almost the mix title. Love me pick me choose me!!!!

to keep the goddess on my side she demands a sacrifice )
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american horror story: hotel. tristan duffy/liz taylor.
1815 words. ao3 link.

summary: It's at night that the next whisper comes. It slides over Liz's skin while she sleeps and wakes her like a kiss. Do you love me? the whisper wonders. I think I love you.

note: For [ profile] dancinbutterfly! Happy New Year! My apologies for getting this in just under the gun, but I got distracted by work. Still, it's before midnight so it counts! The graphic stuff is all I've done ahead of time for this month which should Let's say "fun." This turned out less ghosty and more grief-y but I hope you still like it. :)

well you're the grand one, but darling, I'm a mess )
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when you think you've tried every road
american horror story: hotel. tristan duffy/liz taylor.
3224 words. scenes missing in canon.
link on ao3.

summary: Normally Tristan would brush off someone eyeing his ass but this is different, somehow – like Liz looked at him once, and wanted to keep looking.

note: ????? not a fandom or pairing I ever expected to write, but I randomly really fell for this ship and inspiration struck!

this world is trying it's hardest to leave me unimpressed )


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