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like to a double cherry
Sansa/Margaery. PG. 1707 words. Modern boarding school AU.
W: mentions of past abuse, physical and mental

Summary: Sansa ought to hate Margaery, but she doesn't.

seeming parted but yet a union in partition )
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01 - 14 Sansa, Margaery, Daenerys
15 - 26 Dan, Blair
27 - 30 Mary/Matthew, Edith
31 - 36 Don Draper
37 - 46 Rayanne Graff


icons icons icons )
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heaven knows I'm miserable now
Jon/Ygritte. PG13. 1485 words.
Warning: character death.

Summary: She was a right mess, and Jon thinks he loved her. Modern AU.

snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast )
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kings and queens
Renly, Margaery, Robb.
648 words. PG.

Summary It's tempting; Loras has not touched him for weeks, not until he performs his duty with Margaery, and Robb Stark is handsome with his darkly red hair and battle-dirty skin. Renly would suddenly like very much to touch that skin, feel the muscle beneath.

perhaps my lord can put you at ease )
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two seeming bodies
Sansa Stark, Margaery Tyrell.
408 words. PG. 

Summary: Sansa had always wanted a sister like Margaery but despite their closeness Margaery never really feels like a sister.

Note: For  [ profile] youremyqueen!

so with two seeming bodies but one heart )
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More icons! I've weirdly been in furious icon-making mode lately; perhaps because I have all the writers' block? Anyway, after this will be a Wes Anderson icons post, then with god's good grace, no more for a bit.

01 - 15 Downton Abbey
16 - 48 Game of Thrones
49 - 82 Mad Men
83 - 88 My So-Called Life


fifteen minutes with you, I wouldn't say no )
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and called me his flower
Margaery Tyrell. Robb Stark.
4792 words. R. AU post-2x05.

Summary: Margaery comes before them in ice blue and white fur, her dress dipping low between her breasts and gooseflesh raising along pale skin.

wildwood flower )
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School has been utterly eating my brain lately, I feel like I have not been anywhere near LJ in ages. And consequently, this little giftie is a teensy bit half-assed. Nevertheless, I hope you like it! For [ profile] dysenchanted2!

(Lines stolen shamelessly from your phenom fic.)

she's not like any of the girls he knows )

Aaaand, consider this either Dan/Ashley or Dan/modern!Robb oooor Dan/OC.

churches )

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sang his songs of darkness and disgrace
Pairings: Rhaegar/Lyanna, Rhaegar/Elia
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1408

Summary: She is always watching him from over cups or through crowds, distant and unreadable.

sang his songs of darkness and disgrace )
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a paper tiger
Viserys. Daenerys. Gen. Pre-series.
1190 words. PG13.

Summary: He makes Daenerys learn all of the names of their ancestors and the order in which they came, their summers and winters. Viserys makes her recite their wives and sons. Viserys makes her recite the names of all the dragons and when she does, he gives her a sweet.

they can call him the Beggar King if they like; he is still a king )


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