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and the living is easy
Characters: Quinn, Puck.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 453

Summary: It's the summer after she had her baby and Quinn fits into all her old clothes again.

Note: For [ profile] sing_song_sung!

your daddy's rich and your mama's goodlooking )
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01 - 54 Gossip Girl
55 - 72 Glee
73 - 83 Misc. (Sirens, Heroes, Angel)


iconssss )

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01 - 28 Gossip Girl
29 - 51 Worried About the Boy
52 - 59 Christopher and His Kind
60 - 64 Hedwig and the Angry Inch
65 - 77 Game of Thrones
78 - 86 Glee
87 - 94 Misc. TV (Sirens, Angel, Eva Green)
95 - 120 Misc. Films (Runaways, What's Up Doc?, Funny Girl, Far From Heaven, Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Philadelphia Story, The Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge, Practical Magic, I Love You Phillip Morris, Plan B, The Devil Wears Prada, Trainspotting)


lots of Richard Madden )
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hang with me (3/4)
Pairings/Characters: Kurt/Blaine, Blaine-centric.
Rating/Word Count: PG // 3685

Summary: It's official: Blaine's not a Warbler anymore.

Part One
Part Two

Read more... )
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I've been working on this for ages and feeling weird about posting it, mainly because it felt like something was missing. Then I realized I HAD NEGLECTED TO INCLUDE MISSY ELLIOT. Which was shameful and rectified and now things are all sunshine. Unintentionally, all of these songs are by ladies, but that's awesome, so w/e. 'So Happy I Could Die' is a pretty obvious Brittana song and I've seen it on other mixes for them, but it is so perfect I couldn't not include it.

Really if you want a Santana album though, just download Robyn's Body Talk. Every song is appropriate to Santana.

I'm sipping propane topped with a cherry )
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hang with me (2/4)
Kurt/Blaine, Blaine-centric.
PG // 2543

Summary: Blaine tries not to notice the difference between Home Kurt and Dalton Kurt but it's kind of hard not to.

Part One

Blaine doesn't get Lady Gaga at all )
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Okay, I realize the proliferation of icons I make for these two shows might make it look like I really love and enjoy them. That is not the case, you guys. They just have a sick, sick, sick hold on me because of all the pretty and awesome people on them. One day I will have a batch of icons from shows I actually deeply love. When that day will be I cannot say.

01 - 12 Gossip Girl (Dan, Blair, Nate, the usual)
13 - 41 Kurt and Blaine
42 - 54 Santana
55 - 66 Santana/Kurt, Santana/Finn, Santana/Brittany
67 - 75 Quinn, Rachel/Quinn
76 - 86 Tina
87 - 95 Misc.


wanna put a fishhook in those lips so cherry red )
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Okay, the number one main reason "Ill Wind" is on here is because Julie Benz sang it on Angel and I think she and Dianna Agron look freakishly similar, hence the main reason I fell in love with Dianna Agron back when Glee started. So. That's the shallow background reason for that. Everything should be fairly self-explanatory, I imagine. "Judas" was the complete inspiration for this mix; I don't know why I connect it to Quinn, it's not really her type of song, but the brain is weird. And "Playground Love" is from The Virgin Suicides, fitting it into my PQ headcanon.

This is meant to be a reflection of Quinn's journey from s1 - early s2, before she went extra prom queen crazeballs. Kind of errs on the side of Quinn/Puck, but there's a bit of Quinn/Finn too.

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Just going through my shiz and founds some icons I'd never posted. Have at 'em.

01 - 14 Glee (Tina, Theatricality Kurt/Tina and Kurt/Santana, misc)
15 - 26 Dan Humphrey
27 - 33 Juliet Sharp
34 - 42 Allison, Lily, Anne, Eleanor
43 - 49 Dan/Nate, Dan/Nate/Blair, Dan/Nate/Serena


iconsiconsicons )
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I'm very post-y lately, aren't I? Must be all that avoiding of finals. Anywho, I did a five facts meme about a month ago and thought I'd stick the results in one post because I am a Nazi for organization.

sirius )

santana )

kurt )

tony )

mini )

cook )

harry )
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Just a mini spam of all the Kurt and Santana interaction in the prom ep. Pointless pretty.

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Just a fun, fangirly little thing I've been toying with for a few months, every time a song came up on my iPod that I thought could work for a character, especially since I've been kind of dissatisfied with the majority of the song choices this season. I tried to have something for everyone, but I have a completely obvious bias for Kurt/characters and ships I like.

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hang with me (1/4)
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Blaine-centric.
Rating/Word Count: PG // 3258

Summary: Blaine's beginning to figure Kurt out. At least, he thinks he is.

Blaine gets easily attached. He's kind of known for it. )
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erase and rewind
Pairing: Quinn/Puck
Rating/Word Count: PG13 / 228

Summary: As far as Quinn is concerned, wanting Puck is an anomaly.

Note: Just my head!canon for how things went down. I was never the hugest fan of the show's flashback, so…here's this. Sort of inspired by The Virgin Suicides. Written for [ profile] leobrat ! I hope you enjoy!

cause I've been changing my mind )
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I knooow, what an ABSURD amount of icons. In my defense I have been slowly accruing them since the season started but have been too lazy to post. But I seem to be posting a lot lately, don't I? Oh well, sorry schoolwork. As you can see, obviously biased in favor of mah gays.

001 - 036 Kurt
037 - 074 Blaine
075 - 102 Santana
103 - 112 Brittany
113 - 136 Other Characters (Rachel, Puck, Mike Chang, Emma, Holly, Will, Quinn)
137 - 177 Kurt/Blaine
178 - 205 Other Ships (Santana/Brittany, Brittany/Artie, Rachel/Santana, Finn/Santana, Will/Emma, Tina/Mike, etc.)
206 - 221 Misc. (Kurt/Rachel/Mercedes, Hummel family cuteness, Warblers, etc.)


I keep dancing on my own )
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Yeah, so...third mix for this couple and counting. IT IS A SICKNESS. This is meant to be an angsty companion to my sad!Kurt mix from a few weeks ago, mostly my attempt to get into Blaine's headspace a little so I can (hopefully) begin to write from his PoV. I just imagine he's super insecure and preemptively worried about fucking everything up forever, so is therefore pushing Kurt away as much as he can so as to not ruin that friendship.

Very silly in places and serious in others. Some songs are just things I can easily imagine Darren singing. I was actively trying to make this come off as something I think Blaine would listen to and not based as strongly in my absolute favorite music (though I do love all of these songs). I wanted it to be very hipster + American songbook-y + girlie anthems + tacky pop. And it's a bit bipolar, I fear, is Glee.

I totally used "It Ain't Me Babe" before in a mix (but as I have proved, DB=KB) and I don't like repeats, but it is too amazing not to use everywhere forever. Plus, different cover! Therefore totally different. The title is from a Black Kids song I didn't include (ironically, a song that is my no. 1 Dan Humphrey jam) because, aside from that one line, I didn't think it fit Blaine all that well.

/overlong rambling. Huge thanks to [ profile] thmaymuc for helping me straighten this out!
underestimated my charm again )
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What? Totally similar. And not just because they are my OTPs and I am forcing the issue.

non-serious fangirling ahead )
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sail thou forth
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine. Background Rachel/Jesse, Sam/Quinn, etc.
Rating/Word Count: PG / 2475

Summary: Blaine grins at him and leans too close, hands full of sheet music Kurt just has to see, and Kurt's heart is in his throat. 1940s AU.

Kurt is there when the new boy auditions )


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