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a hundred names for flowers
Characters: Pansy, Blaise. Draco, in theory.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 647

Summary: "I don't know how you stand this," she says. Her eyes are glossy, tears unspilled.

Note: For [ profile] hereticalvision! A bit late, sorry about that! Er…this turned out quite differently than I anticipated, and might not be what you were looking for exactly. What can I say, writing is strange. I hope you like it anyway!

I will set fire to your mattress and laugh )
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the jazz wolf
Sirius/Remus. 2283 words. PG.
W: character death.

Summary: Sirius comes to see the saxophone player almost every night.

almost like howling )
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I'm very post-y lately, aren't I? Must be all that avoiding of finals. Anywho, I did a five facts meme about a month ago and thought I'd stick the results in one post because I am a Nazi for organization.

sirius )

santana )

kurt )

tony )

mini )

cook )

harry )
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'twas passing strange
Past Remus/Sirius and Remus/Tonks, one-sided Teddy/Sirius. Teddy-centric.
PG13. 7486.

Summary: Teddy is given an old journal of his father's. Suddenly everything he knew about Remus turns out to be nothing at all – and it seems like Sirius Black is the key to figuring everything out.

The journal begins like this: under a date in mid-June, the words 'Sirius died today' )
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fic cover art within! )
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I wanted to loom
Seamus/Ron, brief mentions of past Ron/Hermione and Ron/Lavender.
R. 3302 words. W: drag.

Summary: Seamus lays out all his tools first: the brushes, the sponges, the pots of pigment and cream.

first is the base, of course )
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green knights, earnest quests
R. 6622 words.

Summary: In which Neville is aimless and Seamus is scarred and they go on a quest. "We shall traverse these beauteous and bountiful lands until we discover purpose and salvation," Seamus announces. "Or at least as far as our pocket money shall take us."

trying desperately to be masculine and fearless )
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enjoy the silence
Ron/Harry. R. 3196 words.

Summary: Ron only sleeps when Harry's awake.

he doesn't do it on purpose )
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Day Two: My First Ship

I've since jumped ship from Harry/Hermione to Hermione/Ron and Harry/Other People of Various Genders, but back when I was tiny and young and new to the idea of fandom, they were my number one obsession. They're basically the reason I am a crazy fangirl. Even though I don't ship them anymore, I still adore them and their relationship was one of my favorite parts of the series.
(I have rejected movie cast in favor of AVMP. It is awesomeness and oddly waaaay closer to how I pictured things.) 
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shit and gold
Skins. Cook/Effy. 383 words.

Prompt: "Everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold."
Note: Written for [ profile] neverevered ! Primarily takes place during/around the season finale. The prompt kind of got away from me! It's more rambley character study than anything else, but I hope you like it!

She's a stunner, no denying it. )

do not give a fuck for luck
Harry Potter. Ginny/Scorpius, Ginny/Harry, one-sided Scorpius/Lily.
846 words. PG.

Prompt: "the boys i mean are not refined"
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] hereticalvision ! I find it very unfair that you requested this when you wrote the most bizarrely perfect Ginny/Scorpius fic of all time! And then you chose a poem from my favorite poet! So much to live up to!

"You're pathetic," Scorpius tells her, matter-of-fact.  )

Title: Slushie Assassin
Glee. Rachel/Finn. 690 words. G.

Prompt: "Slushie Attacks"
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] dae_dreemer ! Very fluffy. I hope you like it!

Rachel lives in fear of the Slushie.  )
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to make a wager
Harry/Pansy, Draco/Harry
PG. 6704 words.

Summary: If Draco had been the sort of person who enjoyed irony, he would've been highly amused by the whole situation. Draco did not enjoy irony.

Draco and Pansy have always loved games. )
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Harry/Luna, Harry/Ginny.
PG. 4607 words.

Summary: Since his breakup with Ginny, Harry can't help but be boring. Luna is the only one who doesn't seem to mind.

Note: This was originally written for [ profile] radish_love, for [ profile] galanthus . The quote about nirvana towards the end is by Bassui.

You're not supposed to get drunk on nirvana. )
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Ron/Pansy. PG. 3896 words.
original prompt: a day in the life of a ministry drone. pansy and ron coworkers fic with some UST.

Summary: Ron has had a crap week.
Click here, please! )
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 Reveals just went up over at ronpansy_fest and I must pimp the gift I got, because it was truly an incredible bit of fic. 

Selling Spring by heretical vision
It just has these brilliant characterizations and a totally original storyline. It's set in Japan - HP foreign country fics basically complete me. Pansy is everything Pansy should be and I feel this is the best Ron I've ever read - he's still a bit of a fumbling oaf, but he's also funny and charming. He's the Ron in my head. The story itself is incredibly visual - it ran just like a film in my head. I kept absentmindedly planning the trailer. Everyone go read it right now, even if Ron/Pansy is not your ship. 
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this odd sea

Percy/Oliver. PG-13. 2667 words.

Summary: After Fred's funeral, Percy decides to come out.

Read more... )

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Pansy Parkinson. Draco Malfoy.
PG-13. 5568 words.

Summary: Pansy loves Draco madly, ferociously, platonically.

Note: I adore the idea of Draco and Pansy as best friends. The kind of do-anything-for-each-other best kind of best friends. So I wrote this story as an overview of their lives together during the course of the HP books, out of sight of our heroes.

Click for fic )


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