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01 - 14 Sansa, Margaery, Daenerys
15 - 26 Dan, Blair
27 - 30 Mary/Matthew, Edith
31 - 36 Don Draper
37 - 46 Rayanne Graff


icons icons icons )
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the single girl
Peggy Olson. Some Pete/Peggy, all canon.
1159 words. PG.
Set post-current canon.

Summary: This is her now. This is who she is.

she thinks of playgrounds )
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baby, it's cold outside
Don Draper, Joan Holloway.
979 words. PG.

Summary: Don knows he could kiss her now and she would probably allow it.

this evening has been so very nice )
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More icons! I've weirdly been in furious icon-making mode lately; perhaps because I have all the writers' block? Anyway, after this will be a Wes Anderson icons post, then with god's good grace, no more for a bit.

01 - 15 Downton Abbey
16 - 48 Game of Thrones
49 - 82 Mad Men
83 - 88 My So-Called Life


fifteen minutes with you, I wouldn't say no )
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two lonely people
Don. Joan. Pre-series.
181 words.

Summary: He tried it once.

and never again )

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For [ profile] thmaymuc! I know you prompted just Betty, but I've been dying to do a Mad Men spam for ages because it is the prettiest so this ended up more Betty/Joan/Peggy. I am only realizing now that I totally neglected the phenom Anna Draper, but at least I squeezed in some Trudy. Also, is anyone else in the universe as mysteriously obsessed with Harry Crane/Hildy as I am? No? Alright, just me.

Anyway, I hope you liked it! I left out so much pretty, I am totally going to have to picspam this show more. 

I'm from Bay Ridge. We have manners! )
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in the hall of the mountain king
Characters: Joan. Greg.
Rating: PG13.
Word Count: 601

Summary: "You should clean yourself up," he says, when he's done, sitting back on his knees. "We're going to be late." Set during 2x12, The Mountain King.

this is joan's office )
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smoke spills out
Characters: Bobby Draper. Also Sally, Betty, Don, Peggy.
Word Count: 2542
Rating: PG

Summary: Bobby's not as angry as Sally, never has been – but he's younger, he supposes, he didn't see it fall apart like she did.

smoke gets in your eyes )


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