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if you're the prosecution I get away with murder
daredevil. matt/elektra. some foggy.
1005 words. college era. ao3 link.

summary: Elektra's his girl, the worst one he knows.

note: written for a bunch of prompts. college!mattelektra is my kryptonite.

you wanted violins and you got nero )
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here are some ficathon fics i've been writing, gathered into one post for purposes of keeping my shit in one place:

+ surviving. jennifer's body, needy. post-movie.

+ so tired of it all. daredevil, frank/karen.

+ just need one last nail. daredevil, matt/elektra. au where he does kill roscoe sweeney.

and here is a rec for a very lovely and very painful jon/sansa fic that is exactly what i wanted in the wake of this recent season:

+ freshly disowned in some frozen devotion. by [ profile] sing_song_sung.
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the loneliest little soldier.
daredevil. matt/claire, matt/elektra.
1919 words. ao3 link.

summary: "So tell me about Elektra," Claire says. "You know you want to."

note: Set in a vague alternate timeline where Claire and Matt live together and Elektra is not dead; possibly just say it’s a couple years in the future post-current angst and resurrection?
neither of them sleep at night, so there's that )
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simon says.
daredevil. elektra natchios/matt murdock. 841 words. set during college.
originally posted here.

summary: He’s having trouble remembering the last time he thought of something besides Elektra.

we belong together )
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I wanna be your dog.
daredevil. frank castle/karen page. 950 words. wonky timeline.
originally posted here.

summary: She gets a sudden sense of the man he was before. One who tucked in his kids. Who sang along to the radio. Are they different, or was he always both?

so messed up I want you here )
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For [ profile] ladymercury_10! I had been hoping to write a fic for your prompt, but I could not get my shit/inspo together enough to make it happen, so I hope you will be satisfied with a picspam! And I hope you will be as satisfied as you might have been before that whole spiel. First quote is from Double Indemnity, subsequent quoting is from Roger Ebert; it's one of my favorite noir-related things, so I thought the two could blend nicely. :)

film noir is... )
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marvel. 1475 words. gen.
natasha. clint, steve, sam, wanda.
ao3 link.

summary: Natasha was the only one in control now.

note: for [ profile] thecruelone! My goal with this was to sort of check in with Natasha in the in-betweens – after she left the Red Room, after she joined SHIELD, in between each movie. Natasha's downtime, and the people she connects with during. (Also Clint is comic!Clint not movie!Clint ofc.)

In the old days I spread fires and floods and pestilence on my toast )
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So I am really sleepy today (carbs hangover?) and therefore I do not know how cohesive this post will be but I made some frenzied, excited notes while I was watching Jessica Jones and I should probably do the post while things are still ~fresh.

There are many things I loved about the show (Jessica’s everything, Jessica and Trish, LUKE CAGE, Malcolm!!!!!, how Jessica is another in a growing list of female protagonists who are MESSY AS FUCK, and how the show does not blitz past Kilgrave’s many victims but instead gives voice to a lot of them and follows up on many of their individual consequences/coping mechanisms) but I was really surprised by the turn it took re: Jessica and Kilgrave in the middle and it brought up some stuff for me so I kind of wanted to have a quickish little post about that specifically. And the “that” in my excessive run on sentence would be abuse in media, specifically romantic abuse.
You were kind to me. You were a bastard to everyone else but you were kind to me. I was special. )
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steve/natasha. cameos by clint, tony, and pepper.
1961 words. set between Avengers and Cap2.

summary: He lets Natasha waltz him around the room ("This is not actually a waltz, Steve," she says), leading him but pretending like it's him doing the leading. Afterwards she deems him in need of practice but, in her words, "not a total disaster."

note: for [ profile] catteo! I really hope you like it. put it on ao3 too.

the night is still and silent and steve's apartment has too many windows )
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kill your darlings, kill them dead
Peggy Carter. Natasha Romanoff. Some Bucky guest appearances.
4478 words. PG.
Vampire slayer AU.

Summary: Natasha is a slayer gone rogue, and Peggy is the Watcher tasked with bringing her in.

you were dealt a bad hand but it was the hand you were dealt )

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professional disaster human
Clint. Natasha, Steve, Sam, Bucky, Kate.
2629 words. PG. Gen.
A mix of Hawkeye comics and MCU canon, set post-Cap 2.

Summary: Clint is most definitely out of a job. And he doesn't really know what to do with that. Or with himself.

you could have, like, thrown me a text and told me we were working for nazis )


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