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the overnight. 5600 words. alex, kurt, emily, charlotte. everyone/everyone.
ao3 link.

summary: The only thing keeping their tenuous friendship going is that no one talks about The Night unless it is in the most veiled of terms. Repression is good, repression is familiar, repression is something Alex will happily return to like a warm blanket at the end of a cold night.

And it works just fine up until he kisses Kurt again.

our stars are now a constellation )
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As I spend the days trying to squeeze in all my favorite Christmas movies before D-day I thought it might be fun to do a little post about them! These are movies that I more or less watch every year around the holidays, a lot of which are family favorites and therefore very close to my heart.

last christmas i gave you my heart )
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I feel like I'm posting a lot lately. What's up with that, tbh.

Inspired by reading spoilers for a show I do not watch (and a quick convo w/ [ profile] 12_12_12!), I wanted to make this post. I got to thinking about the prevalence of supernatural pregnancies in the vampire genre (though, it must be said, pregnancy is a HUGE thing in horror in general, and I'll talk about that a bit too). That made me think about vampire kids, too, so that's where I'm going with this post. In my vague googling on the topic, I got mostly weird blogs of people who thought they were vampires. So. This is TENUOUSLY RESEARCHED and based mostly on my experiences as a teen goth who read a lot about vampires.

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lesbian much
Jennifer's Body. Needy/Jennifer.
Pre-movie. 1908 words. NC17.

Summary: Jennifer has a tattoo on her ribs that she somehow talked her divorcé dad into paying for for her last birthday and her hair is pitch black against her tan skin and she looks kind of like a lingerie model, but dangerous.

Jennifer's family has a summer place because Jennifer's family is fucking rich )
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five ways to stay alive
619 words. PG.
Margot/Richie + Chas, because who doesn't love Chas.
W: past suicide attempt, wounds remaining from it.

Summary: They move into the studio in Mockingbird Heights, under the names Helen and Alfred Scott. They will always have the same name, even when Margot is married.

I don't do too much talking these days )
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kissing in the d-a-r-k
Kissing Jessica Stein. Jessica/Helen, Helen/New Girlfriend, Jessica/OC.
2008 words. PG. Set post-film.

Summary: So what if she couldn't say cunnilingus without blushing?

if you say no twice it's a four letter word )
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there's a gun in your hand
494 words. R-ish. TW: gunplay.

Summary: Baby, he says, with that knife grin, you know what I always say: if you can't join 'em, shoot 'em in the head.

real life sucks losers dry )
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More icons! It's only because I'm so bored and bad at writing lately. NO MORE FOR A WHILE THOUGH.

01 - 37 The Royal Tenenbaums
38 - 54 The Darjeeling Limited
55 - 70 Moonrise Kingdom
71 - 75 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
76 - 89 Michelle Pfeiffer, Daria Morgandorffer

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Short version: I didn't like it.

Long version )
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I've always had a kind of passing interest in Boy George, mainly because I love New Wave so much, and I watched this movie mostly for Richard Madden. As it turns out, the whole movie was great - visually very pretty (it was directed by Julian Jarrold, who I love, and who also did the more recent Brideshead Revisited, which I loved), fairly good script, and extremely well cast. I would say, however, that the best part about it (aside from the acting) is the costumes and makeup - they're completely perfect, totally dead on. I've seen begun reading Boy George's memoir, Take It Like a Man, and really the costumes are incredibly accurate. I would also recommend his memoir for anyone who liked this movie, likes Boy George, likes New Wave, or loves fashion. It's really informative about the scene in early '80s England and very interesting.

just kissing to be clever )
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01 - 28 Gossip Girl
29 - 51 Worried About the Boy
52 - 59 Christopher and His Kind
60 - 64 Hedwig and the Angry Inch
65 - 77 Game of Thrones
78 - 86 Glee
87 - 94 Misc. TV (Sirens, Angel, Eva Green)
95 - 120 Misc. Films (Runaways, What's Up Doc?, Funny Girl, Far From Heaven, Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Philadelphia Story, The Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge, Practical Magic, I Love You Phillip Morris, Plan B, The Devil Wears Prada, Trainspotting)


lots of Richard Madden )
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I've been abusing Netflix in a big way this summer so I thought I might start doing mini reviews of the movies I've been watching. Everyone could use movie recs, amirite? Mostly I watch foreign gay shit, but there's the odd teen movie.

And not all of these are straight-up recs; it's more of a review thing.

mooooovies )
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01 - 18 Films (Marie Antoinette, Pretty in Pink, Broken Tower)
19 - 32 Television (Skins, Sirens, Glee)
33 - 72 Gossip Girl


iconssss )
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Requested by [ profile] bond_girl. I thought this would be way harder to put together - I mean, putting together a fanmix for such a favorite/iconic movie seemed kind of impossible. But surprisingly it came together very easily. I tried to stick to music from the 50s/early 60s, with some earlier stuff. I really didn't purposefully pick so many songs that have to do with walking in the rain - I'm just going to assume that was the number one activity of sixties pop stars.

I don't want to put you in a cage, I want to love you! )
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Unfortunately, due to constraints of not wanting to drive myself crazy putting this together, I didn't include nearly as many caps as I would have liked (ie, every frame). But even more unfortunately, I had to cut the poem itself down somewhat - which absolutely guts me, but for a picspam it was just getting too complex and verbose (mostly Part I, the wordiest bit) and unattractive to look at. I tried to keep it to lines I particularly liked (though, ugh, Sophie's choice). I urge everyone to go have a proper read of "Howl" or at least give it a listen. I will even link you, here, GO.

I would bet money there are typos in here. Please don't tell me about them, I want to live the fantasy that I am a flawless typist.

For the lovely [ profile] thmaymuc .

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good times for a change
Characters/Pairings: Duckie, Iona. Little bit of Duckie/Iona, one-sided Duckie/Andie, Andie/Blane, Andie/Andy.
Rating/Word Count: PG / 956

Summary: After Andie goes off with The Appliance and it's all college plans and obnoxious coupledom, Duckie just hangs around Trax a lot.

you look so pretty in it, honey, can I jump on it sometime? )
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Okay, so, I don't even really like this movie - as far as John Hughes stuff goes, it's definitely my least favorite. Which is due to Andie and Blane's insane lameness. Does a more oatmealy couple exist? No. No they do not. HOWEVER, Duckie and Iona are so absurdly phenomenal that I cannot even begin to fathom them. Imagine if the movie had just been about them being awesome little fashionistas? I might actually be writing a ficlet about them soon.

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For life's not a paragraph
Scripps-centric. Scripps/Posner, minor Scripps/OFC.
PG-13. 5492 words.
Disclaimer: I own nada. Quotes should all be attributed to their respective originators. Definitions from the OED. Title is cummings'.

Summary: In the dying world I come from, quotation is a national vice. (Waugh)

beautiful chaotic Berlin that is as far from Sheffield as Scripps has ever been, metaphorically and not )


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