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Here are the fics I wrote for Yuletide this year! Someone explain to me how I have written THREE fics featuring James Dean when I do not even really like him. Also somehow all of these fics feature dancing. Their only thematic link tbh.

this is going swell. you're the worst. gretchen, lindsay, becca. pre-series, set in high school.
It's not that Gretchen and Lindsay are friends. Gretchen has friends, other girls with edgy haircuts who go to raves with her over the weekend. But Lindsay keeps her company when she cuts class and always has the good snacks in her bag, so Gretchen figures they can be co-workers for now.

lo sparo a te (bang bang). the man from u.n.c.l.e. gaby/napoleon.
The thing was, Solo could dance.

c'est si bon. classic hollywood rpf. eartha kitt/james dean/paul newman.
"I want to move like you," he says. "Can you teach me how to move my body like you do on stage?"
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visions of cassady
Jack Kerouac/Neal Cassady. Past Neal Cassady/Allen Ginsberg, also Neal/everyone and Jack/everyone who already slept with Neal.
1169 words. PG13.

Summary: There was no magic anymore, and Jack had never touched Neal, and Jack drinks.

girls, visions, everything )
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Made for this month's round at [ profile] waywardmixes  where the theme was 'family.'

do you ever remember me? )
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It wasn't a long moment, but it was suspended
646 words. Johnny Depp. Winona Ryder.

Summary: Whatever happens later, he'll always be the first person to ever really hear her, or touch her, and even if she ends up just a bad tattoo anecdote to him, it's something.

wino forever )
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walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
1519 words. PG.
James Dean/Paul Newman. Some James/Pier Angeli also.

Summary: Paul's got a cigarette behind his ear and the bluest eyes Jim's ever seen.

you want a light, or you just gonna pose with it? )

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my poetry was lousy, you said
547 words. PG.
Joan Baez. Bob Dylan.

Summary: Joan's a little sentimental, sometimes.

she's an artist, she don't look back )

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Day Fifteen: Favorite Real Life Pairing

Yeah...I generally frown on RPF, but they are just SO CUTE, you guys. Watch one goddamn Pinto interview. All they do is giggle at each other. I don't even like to look at paparazzi photos because they make me feel guilty, but Penn and Blake's attempts at secret makeouts are just too good to pass up. I am a creep.


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