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01 - 18 Films (Marie Antoinette, Pretty in Pink, Broken Tower)
19 - 32 Television (Skins, Sirens, Glee)
33 - 72 Gossip Girl


iconssss )
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I'm very post-y lately, aren't I? Must be all that avoiding of finals. Anywho, I did a five facts meme about a month ago and thought I'd stick the results in one post because I am a Nazi for organization.

sirius )

santana )

kurt )

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mini )

cook )

harry )
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wild again, beguiled again
Pairing: Nate/Blair
Rating/Word Count: PG // 193

Summary: Blair supposes the one area she falters in is boys – even after he breaks her heart, he never really stops being her movie.

Nate brings her tiny bouquets  )

it's all over now
Pairings: Dan/Serena (implied Nate/Serena, Dan/Serena/Nate)
Rating/Word Count: PG // 124

Summary: He doesn't tell her any of his secrets.

Serena comes home from a shoot )

partie traumatic
Characters: Alo, Mini
Rating/Word Count: PG // 171

Summary: Mini never seems to remember his name but she never forgets to make him feel like shit.

Her name is Mini McGuiness )
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01 - 36 Dan/Blair
37 - 47 Blair
48 - 59 Dan
60 - 71 Misc. (Nate, Kati, etc.)
72 - 75 Skins (Mini/Alo)


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Day Eight: Pairing with the most baggage

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Day Four: Pairing with the Most Chemistry

The crazy chemistry probably has something to do with the fact that the actors knew each other really well already, but still - it was their chemistry more than the show's writing that really sold me on both of these couples. There was just something about them together that was brilliant.

WIP Meme!

May. 5th, 2010 05:27 pm
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Snagged from [ profile] sing_song_sung , [ profile] dysenchanted2 , and [ profile] bob5fic ! It was too fun to resist. Did not realize I would have so many! I thought there'd be like...five.

Post a line from each WIP you have. No context, no explanations.

Click! )
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shit and gold
Skins. Cook/Effy. 383 words.

Prompt: "Everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold."
Note: Written for [ profile] neverevered ! Primarily takes place during/around the season finale. The prompt kind of got away from me! It's more rambley character study than anything else, but I hope you like it!

She's a stunner, no denying it. )

do not give a fuck for luck
Harry Potter. Ginny/Scorpius, Ginny/Harry, one-sided Scorpius/Lily.
846 words. PG.

Prompt: "the boys i mean are not refined"
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] hereticalvision ! I find it very unfair that you requested this when you wrote the most bizarrely perfect Ginny/Scorpius fic of all time! And then you chose a poem from my favorite poet! So much to live up to!

"You're pathetic," Scorpius tells her, matter-of-fact.  )

Title: Slushie Assassin
Glee. Rachel/Finn. 690 words. G.

Prompt: "Slushie Attacks"
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] dae_dreemer ! Very fluffy. I hope you like it!

Rachel lives in fear of the Slushie.  )


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