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This is a mix that I'd wanted to make for a while, and then sort of threw together quickly because I felt like posting something.

he not busy being born is busy dying )
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last icon post for a while! i am not even good at making them anymore, guys, IF I EVER WAS TO START WITH. but yeah if you requested something, it's in here!

01 - 37 dollhouse
38 - 57 gossip girl
58 - 70 thg: catching fire (johanna)
71 - 87 winona ryder
88 - 108 musicians (sleigh bells, lou reed, bob dylan, lana del rey, natalia kills, etc.)
109 - 125 misc.


idk how i even made this many )
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hey lover come and be my alibi
The Hunger Games. Johanna/Katniss.
1057 words. NC17. Set some mysterious time post-series.

Summary: Everything about her is a veiled threat, even if she doesn't know what exactly she's threatening.

she is the very same )
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the history of classic cinema
Johanna, Haymitch, Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick.
Classic Hollywood AU. 1156 words.

Summary: Nothing approaching reality touched those movie sets, those movie homes, those people that existed more on screen than they did in their own lives.

she'd been quite the sensation )
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love poems never make sense to me
Haymitch/Effie. 680 words.

Summary: The first thing Effie Trinket ever says to him is, "It's a pity; you used to be so handsome, you know."

Originally posted here.

that's what makes it so embarrassing )
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a walking study in demonology
Katniss/Johanna. 896 words.

Summary: Johanna was a dumb little girl once too, brasher and more brazen but not altogether different.

Originally posted here.

make him pay for it, okay? )
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living is easy with eyes closed
Gale/Madge. 620 words.

Summary: She is still wearing her white dress.

Originally posted here.

sorry doesn't solve anything )
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you lose yourself, you reappear
Gale/Johanna. Past Gale/Katniss.
482 words. Set post-series.

Summary: Johanna is more of an annoyance than anything else and that's probably what gets Gale in the end.

Originally posted here.

if I like her, shoot me )
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sonata undine
Finnick. OFC.
620 words. Set pre-series, during Finnick's Games.

Summary: Finnick killed the other tribute from Four.

Originally posted here.

it might as well have been his blood )
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vulpes vulpes victorious
470 words. PG.

Summary: Her name is Astra Kit, and she is a thief.

she is not particularly smart or cunning )
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he not busy being born is busy dying
Gale Hawthorne, Katniss Everdeen.
507 words. PG.

Summary: They will scrape by and live. That's what they do in the Seam.

Note: For [ profile] jada_jasmine! I feel like I still don't have the hang of writing THG, but...hope you like it anyway!

later she will have time to look back in his direction )
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still point of the turning world
Madge Undersee. Some Prim, Gale.
354 words. PG.

Summary: Madge keeps her eyes closed when the television is on.

she'll win, you know )
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Short version: I didn't like it.

Long version )
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Characters/Pairings: Peeta. Some Peeta/Katniss.
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1033

Summary: Somewhere someone is always screaming. Set during Mockingjay; Peeta in the Capitol.

the only constant is the hiss of her name )


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