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I feel like I'm posting a lot lately. What's up with that, tbh.

Inspired by reading spoilers for a show I do not watch (and a quick convo w/ [ profile] 12_12_12!), I wanted to make this post. I got to thinking about the prevalence of supernatural pregnancies in the vampire genre (though, it must be said, pregnancy is a HUGE thing in horror in general, and I'll talk about that a bit too). That made me think about vampire kids, too, so that's where I'm going with this post. In my vague googling on the topic, I got mostly weird blogs of people who thought they were vampires. So. This is TENUOUSLY RESEARCHED and based mostly on my experiences as a teen goth who read a lot about vampires.

having a baby is terrifying )
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lélio & ophelia
the vampire chronicles. lestat/louis + claudia. 4k.

summary: Find me, Lestat is saying in a thousand different ways, find me find me find me.

note: Linking to my Yuletide fic because I'm too lazy to actually crosspost.

( a bond more eternal than death. is that not the definition of family? )
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le coup de foudre.
lestat, louis, claudia. 803 words.

summary: three vignettes about desire.

note: for [ profile] thisismylie! i am terribly sorry about the short length of this one! i hope you enjoy it. :) on ao3 for those that prefer that.

I want to eat your skin like a whole almond )
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there was no sacred place
lestat/louis. 1617 words.
set in the 1980s, before lestat's big concert.

summary: It's in the moment between wishing and knowing that Lestat realizes the approaching figure is Louis.

pls don't sue me anne rice )
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Handful of people on my flist who also have read Anne Rice – can we talk about Armand for a minute? Because I hate him, and also don't get him, and need to discuss this with other humans, lol. I'm at the point of The Vampire Lestat where we get Armand's backstory, which I had honestly forgotten in its entirety, and I have been having Thoughts since he reappeared in the book/my life and really I just have nowhere else to discuss these old-ass books nobody cares about anymore.

tw: rape, sexual abuse, pedophilia )
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I've been rereading The Vampire Lestat, as I've surely mentioned before (I'm taking my reread of the series molasses-slow, for reasons) and I'm struck by so many things I want to talk about, so I figured why not make a post? I don't have anywhere else to ramble about the Anne Rice of it all.

I'm not even two hundred pages into the book and there is just so much sort of awesome stuff mixed in with so much totally fucked up nonsense. Mostly in this post I'm going to delve into Gabrielle, radiant badass that she is, and her creepy incestuous relationship with Lestat.

First of all, Gabrielle is even more amazing than I remembered )


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