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For [ profile] bond_girl! I am starting to feel like all my mixes have the same songs on them, lol, so apologies if this overlaps with anything else I have already done. It's not my fault Jeff Buckley doesn't have more albums!!!

Also I know "Take Me to Church" is kiiiind of cliché by now, but it might as well be Donovan's anthem, so. I had to stick it on here. Well, actually, "Love Me Please Love Me" might be his anthem slightly more. That was almost the mix title. Love me pick me choose me!!!!

to keep the goddess on my side she demands a sacrifice )
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This is a mix that I'd wanted to make for a while, and then sort of threw together quickly because I felt like posting something.

he not busy being born is busy dying )
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For [ profile] ladymercury_10! I hope you enjoy this! I tried to stick to using underappreciated songs like you asked though I am...not actually sure I did that, haha. Just my normal kind of stuff, really. Title song is not even on the mix (whoops?) but it was more appropos than the working title, which was 'chill dreamy romantic stuff.'

This is just a general mix; no fandom association intended, nothing to do with A Place in the Sun though that is where I took the cover picture from. Oh, and nothing to do with the holidays either, lol. I see now that the title of this post is misleading.

Also this is legit the only thing I had done ahead of time out of all my December prompts, so this month should be fun.

I wanna be your lover, baby, I don't wanna be your boss )
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I also had this mix done for a while but was lazy about the art. I am officially done with GG character mixes, now that the show has been over for like forever. OH WELL. Enjoy!

let's go to war to make peace )
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A lot of fanmixes lately for some reason! This is another one that I had done for ages but was too lazy to do the art for. It's second to last in my series of GG character mixes, which can be found in my masterlist; the last one is Georgina, and then I'm done!

Nate music was kind of funny, idk, I thought it would be a lot harder because I don't know if Nate's taste in music jives with my own, if that makes sense? But I think I made it work okay. Also I randomly miss NV a lot? They were so cute! Dimples! Also it's sad I couldn't utilize the lyric of "10,000 Lovers" that namedrops Lola, which was just too perfect. Alas not everything can be squeezed onto every graphic.

whose culture is this and does anybody know )
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Lol, I actually started this when s6 was airing and it just took me this long to finally get off my butt and make the art. I need someone to teach me about time management. When you can't even get around to your procrastination hobbies, ya got a problem.

Musically, I stuck with a lot of new wave and pop mixed in with other stuff. I wanted this to have a real ~vibe, you know? So there's sliiightly less of a lyric emphasis than usual. "Tigerlily" is the most Dan/Georgie song of all time, though the Morrissey one's a close second. Title from a song I ended up cutting, lol.

I eat boys like you for breakfast )
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A season two Dan/Blair mix. Meant to serve as a sort of soundtrack to my s2 fics (of which there will, god willing, be a third and final installment of one day).

would you be my baby tonight? )
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Made for this month's round at [ profile] waywardmixes  where the theme was 'family.'

do you ever remember me? )
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The next in my series of GG character mixes! After this we have Georgina and Nate and then that's it. I have a sneaking suspicion no one will care about the Nate mix, and am sad for him in advance.

But Jenny!! I tried to keep this super girly and a little on the tweeny side. I miss Jenny! Oddly I rarely enjoyed her on the show but absence has made the heart incredibly fond. She is another item on a long list of things that should've been - deserved to be - better.

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This kind of came about as I was putting together my Dan mix and my Serena mix, so musically I feel like it's kind of a combo of both of those mixes? I used a lot of the same artists. I've had this done laying around for ages, IDK why it took me so long to post it. This ended up more of a picspam than anything else tbh, like why do DS have the cutest faces?

Also, recently I found out that Marilyn was partially dubbed in River of No Return by Gloria Wood and/or Marni Nixon (I saw both credited in various places). I don't know to what extent she was dubbed and it really sounds so much like Marilyn so…I left her credited on the art but I figured everyone should know regardless. 

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A collaboration with the almost too flawles [ profile] thmaymuc! This is mainly a 5x18-based sexytimes mix. In case that wasn't clear.

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Fanmixes are my crack.

I've been very much adoring Serena lately for whatever reason and it made this mix astonishingly easy to throw together. I really like how it turned out, I think it's definitely one of my most fun mixes - super pop-y and extremely girly. But whereas Blair's was more dark and wistful, Serena's is more upbeat and dance-y - though, of course, with underlying anxiety. Also, what is it about Mariah Carey that reminds me of Dan and Serena? And 'I Am Down' is so appropriate but from Blair's PoV kinda? OH WELL. It has also occurred to me that the Carter/Serena in my head is not actually the Carter/Serena that occurred on the show, so I kind of tried to cobble together that graphic with caps from other things.

Regrets vis-a-vis my Blair mix: lack of Robyn, lack of French electropop. Sigh.

you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love )

Enjoy! Please comment if you snag! :)


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