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Posting stuff no one cares about in the middle of the night! I'm bored and don't feel like trying to write, because I've been pretty unmotivated lately, and I had this mostly ready to go. I am now officially done with this meme and never doing it again, so if you care about your prompt being addressed, look at the tag.

female characters, anonymous
unconventional crushes, [ profile] lusimeles
obscure gay ships, [ profile] portions_forfox
joan holloway scenes, [ profile] mollivanders

I actually made some stuff this time )
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leading men (current), anonymous
movie meet-cutes, [ profile] ms_mmelissa
movie kisses, [ profile] ms_mmelissa
movie couples, [ profile] ms_mmelissa
film soundtracks, [ profile] portions_forfox
sex/sexy scenes, [ profile] stainofmylove
uses of a song in a film/tv show, [ profile] stainofmylove

obsessing over john cho among other things )
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prompts within:
favorite books, anonymous
literary otps, anonymous
favorite superheroes, [ profile] ladymercury_10
comics I have started since my last comics post, [ profile] snickfic

books & comics ahoy! )
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One of these days I'll probably post a fic but hahaha, let's not get our hopes up.

Prompts within:
dan/blair scenes, anonymous
dan/blair aus, anonymous
serena vdw outfits, [ profile] lusimeles
superpowers it would be interesting for blair to have, [ profile] lusimeles

x o x o )
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Look how good I'm being! I may do this whole thing in under three years, which would honestly be a record for me.

Prompts within:
non-gg fics, [ profile] lusimeles
fic tropes, [ profile] mollivanders
steve/bucky fics, [ profile] mollivanders

many recs!!!!! )
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I've decided to arrange the prompts into categories, so each post will have a ~theme~ and not just be a mismash of nonsense.

Prompts within:
lipstick shades, [ profile] lusimeles
nail polish shades, [ profile] ladymercury_10
90s fashion inspos, [ profile] portions_forfox

real talk beauty talk )
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The other day I happened to think about that five things meme I did one time and so I went to go look at the entries and saw that, even though it took me like a year to fulfill all the prompts, I had asked for them in the first place in 2012. TWENTY TWELVE. That is like one million years ago!! And I cringe a lot at the answers I had for those things because I am 100% a different human and I just kind of want a redo. An updated kinda thing. I have so many different interests! Different opinions!

Also I'm running out of stuff to post on tumblr, so.  And since lj is dead and I get like a fraction of the response I used to get to stuff, I will probably be able to finish any prompts I receive in a timely manner.


* and lack of fic lately is because i am working on one specific thing that got longer than i planned and no, it is not an update to any WIPs and it is also not anything any of you asked for. YOU'RE WELCOME.
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Remember how the last part of this I posted was in January and I was like 'part three will be up so soon!!!!' Ha ha ha ha.

This one's all fashion! TV character wardrobes, movie costumes, Blair Waldorf outfits. None of them are actually just five things.

Part One | Part Two

in which there is lots of flailing and not much coherency )
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Hahahahhaah remember this? Yeah. I am aware it has been a full hundred million years since I asked for stuff for this meme (and since I posted the first part) but, well...I do have every intention of finishing things, I'm just hella slow because I made so many graphics. There'll be one more post after this that's going to be all fashion/outfit stuff and I think I'll be much quicker with it.

So. Here is another super long post! If you want to refresh your memory on the first part, it is here.

Within you shall find:
Favorite tv characters, Old Hollywood films, Wes Anderson scenes,
opening/closing film lines, character quirks, art, and literary crushes

an incredibly long post with lots of art and too much fangirling )
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Hiii! Guys it's been so long! I have writers' block! It's really bad, but hopefully it will get less bad as my life slows down for the rest of the summer. UNTIL THEN, here is the very first part of the five things meme I did that I'm sure everyone forgot about. I got all distracted making art, so it is taking forever. I hope everyone still enjoys the pretty? 

Book ships, Mad Men episodes, gay films, Dan/Blair mourning songs, Nate/Blair moments, Dan/Blair moments,
guilty pleasure ships, fannish kinks/tropes, Harry Potter moments, classic Hollywood starlets

this post is CRAZY LONG )
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The Top 5 Meme: Ask me my top 5 fannish anything and I'll reply with them in a separate post. Stolen from [ profile] 12_12_12



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