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For [ profile] ladymercury_10! I had been hoping to write a fic for your prompt, but I could not get my shit/inspo together enough to make it happen, so I hope you will be satisfied with a picspam! And I hope you will be as satisfied as you might have been before that whole spiel. First quote is from Double Indemnity, subsequent quoting is from Roger Ebert; it's one of my favorite noir-related things, so I thought the two could blend nicely. :)

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For [ profile] prefectlives! I hope you like it. :) This was v. fun to do (it was actually the first thing I finished for the month), she has had so many good looks. I think my favorite pictures are her on the TV and the last one.

NSFW, as I imagine might go without saying.

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Posting stuff no one cares about in the middle of the night! I'm bored and don't feel like trying to write, because I've been pretty unmotivated lately, and I had this mostly ready to go. I am now officially done with this meme and never doing it again, so if you care about your prompt being addressed, look at the tag.

female characters, anonymous
unconventional crushes, [ profile] lusimeles
obscure gay ships, [ profile] portions_forfox
joan holloway scenes, [ profile] mollivanders

I actually made some stuff this time )
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prompts within:
favorite books, anonymous
literary otps, anonymous
favorite superheroes, [ profile] ladymercury_10
comics I have started since my last comics post, [ profile] snickfic

books & comics ahoy! )
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One of these days I'll probably post a fic but hahaha, let's not get our hopes up.

Prompts within:
dan/blair scenes, anonymous
dan/blair aus, anonymous
serena vdw outfits, [ profile] lusimeles
superpowers it would be interesting for blair to have, [ profile] lusimeles

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I've decided to arrange the prompts into categories, so each post will have a ~theme~ and not just be a mismash of nonsense.

Prompts within:
lipstick shades, [ profile] lusimeles
nail polish shades, [ profile] ladymercury_10
90s fashion inspos, [ profile] portions_forfox

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This essentially the highlights of my 2013 scrapbook, with pictures. Please do check it out though it you wanna see more stuff, but mostly because there are a lot of fic recs there and good fic should be read! Also lol most of this stuff was not even from 2013, but what can I say, I'm forever on a time delay.

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For [ profile] blahblahcakes64!! This is not really what you asked for, lol, but I was having a little bit of difficulty with your prompt, so I really hope this works for you instead! It's kind of...depressing, but this is just suuuuch a DB song for me and I think it suits them so well. I looked at the picspam from a kind, Dan-looking-back-on-things kind of way, which I'm not sure entirely telegraphs in the graphics. But now that I have thoroughly lowered your expectations, enjoy!

Also, if you want to listen to the song during, here is a link to the original by the Smiths and the parfait cover by Jeff Buckley that haunts all of my dreams. (I prefer the cover, personally.)

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For [ profile] dae_dreemer!! Ugh, I miss this show so much, my eternal creys. DAISY ADAIR, THAT GLAMOUROUS BITCH. WHEN RUBE WOULD CALL GEORGE 'PEANUT' AND ALL OF US WOULD CRY. Georgia Lass spoke to me so much when I was a tweenager but she speaks to me more intensely now that we are essentially the same, minus the death bits. ALSO REMEMBER HOW CUTE MASON IS. I got kiiiind of distracted with the George-Mason-Daisy of it all but ugh I miss all these characters so very much. Re-watch time tbh.

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For [ profile] lisal825! Unfortunately, having not yet finished s2, I don't think I'm well-versed enough in any of the characters to write fic/make a mix, so instead have some flashback!Katherine! Until making this, I had not realized just how much running in gigantic dresses she does. Literally like once a flashback. Also, damn, how much weave do they sew into Nina Dobrev's head for Katherine scenes? It's at least three to four people's worth of hair. I wish I had that much weave sewn into my head.

speaking of little miss katherine )
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For [ profile] earnmysong! Got a bit of a late start on these prompts, but hopefully it'll be business as usual from here on out.

My original idea for this was to do a cap of Buffy per episode, but that....quickly got out of hand, so instead just have a bunch of caps of Buffy that I thought were pretty from every season!

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Lol, I actually started this when s6 was airing and it just took me this long to finally get off my butt and make the art. I need someone to teach me about time management. When you can't even get around to your procrastination hobbies, ya got a problem.

Musically, I stuck with a lot of new wave and pop mixed in with other stuff. I wanted this to have a real ~vibe, you know? So there's sliiightly less of a lyric emphasis than usual. "Tigerlily" is the most Dan/Georgie song of all time, though the Morrissey one's a close second. Title from a song I ended up cutting, lol.

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Remember how the last part of this I posted was in January and I was like 'part three will be up so soon!!!!' Ha ha ha ha.

This one's all fashion! TV character wardrobes, movie costumes, Blair Waldorf outfits. None of them are actually just five things.

Part One | Part Two

in which there is lots of flailing and not much coherency )


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