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as the hours and the days and the weeks
gossip girl. 4045 words. 1940s au.
dan, nate, serena, blair. mostly gen with some romantic vibes.
w: general wartime sad stuff, character death, suicidal ideation.

summary: They meet in the trenches.

note: For [ profile] lookinglassgirl! I know this is nothing you asked for, but once I had the idea I couldn't quite let it go, so I hope you like it! Tried to do as much research as I could in a few days but I'm sure there are still inaccuracies, haha. This idea ended up more ambitious than I realized. Thanks @ [ profile] sing_song_sung; a couple of lines of this originally came from a joint fic that didn't quite pan out.

that doesn't mean there's nothing there )
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gossip girl. 1500 words. serena/carter.

summary: "I don't know what kind of life I want," Serena confesses. "All I know if that I don't like any of the ones I try."

note: For [ profile] sing_song_sung! A little early because I had this one done first. I was legit thisclose to doing your DS ghost prompt, because who am I to resist such potentially romcom-esque shenanigans, but then I saw this post on tumblr and it felt like it kind of tied into your Serena/Carter prompt, so I ended up using it for the structure of the fic. ANYWAY, I hope you like it! :) Love these two messed up idiots.

you'll never be who you wanna be with all that money )
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gossip girl. 8886 words. inspired by/based on my best friend's wedding.
serena, blair, carter, dan. one-sided serena/blair. dan/blair. serena & carter bros 4 lyf.

summary: Blair's birthday came first, of course, and they'd celebrated drunk in Paris, giggly and silly, and Blair had teased, Now if you don't get married in the next year, you're mine.

note: For anonymous! My deep apologies that this is a day late, but as you can see it ended up being...longer than anticipated, haha. I wrote this fic in something of a fugue state; I busted through it in the last three days in such a fever that I barely even remember doing it. So...that was weird. But I hope you like this! It was a v. fun prompt and I love this movie.

I’m a busy girl. I’ve got exactly four days to break up a wedding, steal the groom’s girl, and I haven’t one clue how to do it. )
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For [ profile] ladymercury_10! I had been hoping to write a fic for your prompt, but I could not get my shit/inspo together enough to make it happen, so I hope you will be satisfied with a picspam! And I hope you will be as satisfied as you might have been before that whole spiel. First quote is from Double Indemnity, subsequent quoting is from Roger Ebert; it's one of my favorite noir-related things, so I thought the two could blend nicely. :)

film noir is... )
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marvel. 1475 words. gen.
natasha. clint, steve, sam, wanda.
ao3 link.

summary: Natasha was the only one in control now.

note: for [ profile] thecruelone! My goal with this was to sort of check in with Natasha in the in-betweens – after she left the Red Room, after she joined SHIELD, in between each movie. Natasha's downtime, and the people she connects with during. (Also Clint is comic!Clint not movie!Clint ofc.)

In the old days I spread fires and floods and pestilence on my toast )
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For [ profile] prefectlives! I hope you like it. :) This was v. fun to do (it was actually the first thing I finished for the month), she has had so many good looks. I think my favorite pictures are her on the TV and the last one.

NSFW, as I imagine might go without saying.

that's a lie, i do have a riding crop under the bed )
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american horror story: hotel. 1921 words. ao3 link.
donovan/the countess, donovan/ramona, even a lil donovan/sally.

summary: Donovan had one lover and she lived in his veins.

note: for [ profile] stainofmylove! Thank u for this glorious prompt, this fic was something I very much needed to write. I hope you enjoy it. <3 <3 Pls consider my Donovan mix a companion to it.

you make me feel like I am whole again )
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For [ profile] bond_girl! I am starting to feel like all my mixes have the same songs on them, lol, so apologies if this overlaps with anything else I have already done. It's not my fault Jeff Buckley doesn't have more albums!!!

Also I know "Take Me to Church" is kiiiind of cliché by now, but it might as well be Donovan's anthem, so. I had to stick it on here. Well, actually, "Love Me Please Love Me" might be his anthem slightly more. That was almost the mix title. Love me pick me choose me!!!!

to keep the goddess on my side she demands a sacrifice )
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the man from u.n.c.l.e. gaby & napoleon.
gen. 1459 words. ao3 link.

summary: Her first instinct will always be to crack things open and figure out how the insides fit together, determine what makes them run. What makes Napoleon Solo run, outside of self-interest?

note: For [ profile] ms_mmelissa! I hope you enjoy it! :)

your scarf suggests that you'd like to sell used cars )
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american horror story: hotel. tristan duffy/liz taylor.
1815 words. ao3 link.

summary: It's at night that the next whisper comes. It slides over Liz's skin while she sleeps and wakes her like a kiss. Do you love me? the whisper wonders. I think I love you.

note: For [ profile] dancinbutterfly! Happy New Year! My apologies for getting this in just under the gun, but I got distracted by work. Still, it's before midnight so it counts! The graphic stuff is all I've done ahead of time for this month which should Let's say "fun." This turned out less ghosty and more grief-y but I hope you still like it. :)

well you're the grand one, but darling, I'm a mess )


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