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I doubt I'll hit all of even most of these (some are Not My Thing, time, etc.) but I've been wanting to write some less lengthy and intense fics lately, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'll be keeping track of them here and also feel free to comment with pairings!

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A fic wishlist was something I always wanted to do but felt kind of weird about, probably because I hate even the suggestion of asking another human for something. But why not? This post will collect everything I always wished would exist so I could read it. Not much here yet, but I plan to update this as I think of things. If anyone feels ~inspired then help a fandom sister out. I also encourage my mutuals to post their own. Never know what you might get out of it. ;P

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Here we are again, guys and dolls. I was also thinking of doing a 'stuff I liked in this hellhole year!' post but idk if anyone is interested? Let me know? If so, I'll do it but if not then bye.

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First of all, hey! I never post & am generally terrible. Second of all, MEME. This is my favorite prompt-gathering meme but I am fuckin TURRIBLE at writing fic lately though I am very desperate to read some! The problem with this is that finding fic that is to my taste is damn near impossible for some reason lately. I really miss the fic trends of my heyday because the fic trends of 2016 don't really work for me. Which leads me to the point of this post!

I thought it would be cute to twist the rules of this meme a little to receive recs instead of prompts. AKA please curate AO3 for me so I can stop scrolling through endless pages of NONSENSE.

01. I'm going to comment to this post with a list of characters or pairings I feel like reading.

02. Reply to said comment with recs. Feel free to write something if you get inspired!

03. If you want to receive recs as well, then post your own list of characters or pairings you're
interested in as a separate comment to this post--so that people can rec things to you!
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Though the recent ficathon is somehow my most popular post ever on lj (????? it's 2016????? no other ficathon ever got this much activity??????) there still aren't really many prompts for my fandoms/my specific niche af interests. Therefore I have decided to throw up a post copycatting my favorite way of getting prompts, because it allows me total control and I am a control freak. Stolen from [ profile] stainofmylove, who is boss.

01. I'm going to comment to this post with a list of characters or pairings I feel like writing.

02. Reply to said comment with requests and a prompt or two or three or ton, and I'll do
my best to write something.

03. If you want to write as well, then post your own list of characters or pairings you're in
the mood to play with as a separate comment to this post--so that people can request
from you!
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It's almost 11pm on a Wednesday and I want some fic. Inspired by this cute ficathon of days past.

The Wish Fulfillment Ficathon

This ficathon is for all those fics you always wanted but have never gotten. Shame ships, obscure fandoms, that same prompt you've been shopping at every ficathon since the dawn of time – this is the place for all of that. Get to prompting!
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WIP meme!

May. 4th, 2016 12:56 pm
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In interest of throwbacks, which is all livejournal is really good for anymore, I thought I would throw together a little WIP post. I'm still having trouble making time to write but that doesn't mean I am not percolating on things and trying to work on them, so I figured it might be nice for me and for y'all to throw out a little proof of that. It's sort of a way of making it seem like I'm doing something without actually doing anything.

Some of these are new, but some of them have been stalled out for a WHILE, so take the promise of this post with a teaspon of salt.

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Normally I put this post up a little later (like, early January) but I don't have anything to do tonight. So here it is.

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I know I've been kind of MIA lately for uninteresting personal reasons and I'm having a bit of trouble with motivation and inspiration after being out of practice for a couple of months. This always happens to me around this time of year, but it doesn't ever stop being annoying. So in the interest of holding myself accountable for stuff, in the coming weeks I will try to:

+ finish/post all those fics I've been threatening
+ actually update 'age of dissonance'
+ do another GGA recap, if anyone still cares

Alsooooo one of my goals for the year was to write more Marvel fic but it's less ingrained in my head than stuff like GG so I figured I'd ask for prompts! Here is where my main interests lie:

+ characters: Steve, Natasha, Peggy & Agent Carter crew, Bucky, Clint & Hawkeye crew, Sam, Bruce, Matt, Claire, other people I'm probably forgetting.
+ ships: Steve/Nat, Steve/Peggy, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Bruce, Steve/Clint. Nat/Bucky. Clint/Bobbi. Matt/Claire. Any weird or rare stuff. Part of me is intrigued by the idea of pre-war Bucky/Angie. I'm chill with most things so don't be afraid to ask.

also help i've fallen for matt murdock and i can't get up
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Hello, everyone! I spent the last leg of 2014 as a crusty swamp monster covered in scales, aka sick, but now I am beginning to evolve back into human form. I was debating doing a 2014 wrap-up post but...I don't know, does anyone care? I'm pretty tired. I'm probably not going to do it. Here's my 2014 scrapbook post if you want a sense of what I was up to. Honestly the biggest fandom-y thing that happened to me this year was becoming a comics nerd. Truly didn't see that one coming. Anyway, let's talk fic!

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Since I'm so bored and tumblr is so ugly, have this:

Here's how it works: comment with a day + a fandom, character, or pairing + a prompt. You can request fic, picspams, or fanmixes. A prompt can range from a word to some lyrics to a scenario. I do reserve the right to turn down a prompt if I'm not feeling it. One prompt per person.

Fandoms: Gossip Girl. Marvel - MCU and certain comics. Faking It. Movies. You can check my tags or whatever for other stuff. Or you can just ask!

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The other day I happened to think about that five things meme I did one time and so I went to go look at the entries and saw that, even though it took me like a year to fulfill all the prompts, I had asked for them in the first place in 2012. TWENTY TWELVE. That is like one million years ago!! And I cringe a lot at the answers I had for those things because I am 100% a different human and I just kind of want a redo. An updated kinda thing. I have so many different interests! Different opinions!

Also I'm running out of stuff to post on tumblr, so.  And since lj is dead and I get like a fraction of the response I used to get to stuff, I will probably be able to finish any prompts I receive in a timely manner.


* and lack of fic lately is because i am working on one specific thing that got longer than i planned and no, it is not an update to any WIPs and it is also not anything any of you asked for. YOU'RE WELCOME.
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Stealing this from the lovely [ profile] 12_12_12 because I don't know... I always want to do more meta-type-thingies but I'm not really in the habit, and also I don't want my lj to stagnate further if I'm in a fic lull. Basically just wanted to try something different! Though I'm only gonna do ten days because I don't trust my dedication over the course of a month.

SO ASK ME ANYTHING! Comment to this post with questions/topics for one of the following dates and I'll answer them starting on June 21st. You can prompt as many times as you like. :) I will try my best to answer as many and as wide a range of prompts as possible, though I do reserve the right to friends-lock the responses (I doubt I'll end up doing this, but we all know a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.)

I still have two dates available and I'd love for someone to grab them! )
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I'm working on some longer fics right now and it's all dragggggggingg and I'm sorta lacking inspiration, so I figured I'd steal my favorite prompting format from my girl [ profile] stainofmylove and hopefully something fun will spark!



Nov. 22nd, 2013 10:25 am
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There's this movie meme I found while trolling tumblr that I want to use for a picspam, but I wanna cut some of the categories/add others (like favorite biopic, etc) but then I was wondering if maybe there was anything y'all would want to see there, or know or whatever. So comment if there's any question you think I should ditch, or should add! (Tumblr loves those 'something that changed your mind about something!' type questions and I, like, never really get what that even means tbh.)

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Hi y'all! I've been pretty MIA this month in terms of posting and that is going to continue because I'm wrapped up in a project that is zapping all of the free time I have that is not devoted exclusively to procrastination. So in the interim I thought I'd put up my yearly holiday meme thing and we can all look forward to lots of posting in December!

Here's how it works: comment with a day, a fandom, a character or pairing, and a prompt. Also please don't only post fic prompts; it's really difficult to churn out like a dozen or so fics in a short span of time, so I beg of thee request picspams, graphics, icons, and fanmixes as well! I'm going to need a little writing break soon because I've been doing a lot of it and it would help a sister out if y'all differentiated this ish.

Fandoms up for discussion: Gossip Girl, Classic Hollywood, BtVS, AtS, Daria, the Vampire Diaries (tho I'm not done with s2 yet and NO DAMON) classic lit, the Vampire Chronicles, VC Andrews novels, American Horror Story, THG, and basically anything else you've ever seen me post about lol. Lots of movies (try me, I've seen a lot)! And also feel free to check my scrapbook for stuff. Or my tags, w/e.

Prompt weird stuff! Prompt fun stuff! PROMPTING CLOSED

Edit: Oops, totally lost track of the fact that these were supposed to start already, so I'm moving them back a little! So sorry!

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