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A fic wishlist was something I always wanted to do but felt kind of weird about, probably because I hate even the suggestion of asking another human for something. But why not? This post will collect everything I always wished would exist so I could read it. Not much here yet, but I plan to update this as I think of things. If anyone feels ~inspired then help a fandom sister out. I also encourage my mutuals to post their own. Never know what you might get out of it. ;P

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2016 sucked! Here were some things I enjoyed anyway!

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I got so many cute prompts for that last post I did (seriously, I have just been gazing at them for like the last week, as one does) that I have decided just now, at 8:23 on a Monday, to try and write a ficlet a day using some of them. I am making this post solely to hold myself to this rash proclamation. I have had a lot of fic ideas lately but am having an unusually hard time with follow-through (I suppose not that unusual, it is extra hard to do anything during the summer and I am working a lot) so I think just dashing off some short fics might be good for me. My only guidepost for this will be not allowing myself any more time than I have throughout the day. I may end up posting merely seven days of single sentences, or a desert wasteland of absolutely nothing. Let's see.

But really you guys, those prompts were so nice, just what I wanted!

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This comes somewhat on the flipside of my last WIP post, but it's actually more inspired by my recently getting back into Game of Thrones. I still have the feeling that I could cease watching GoT tomorrow and probably not give like a lick but not caring too deeply has allowed me to enjoy the show more than I have in a long time. It's fun for me again and my investment is light, but it's there. What does that have to with this post, though? Well, caring even a little about GoT got me thinking about the fics I started for it back when I used to care that ended up dropped by the wayside when I lost interest in the show. It had me diving into my perpetually unfinished fic folder to see if I could dig out anything amusing. And I found a lot of stuff that I had totally forgotten about. None of these fics will ever see completion but they might provide a little bit of amusement. Not everything in here is GoT-related, by the way.

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Hello babes and babettes.

Sorry I am a terrible person who flagrantly never checks her flist anymore at all ever! Please tell me how you are all doing. I am not doing much besides working (new job very happy), watching TV (many shows enjoying a lot of them), and also avoiding family drama (complicated, pointless, dramatic). I am working on some fic (a Matt/Claire/Elektra fic, another installment of the old Dan/Blair musicians AU because a friend requested it for her birthday, and some more fuckin Shadowhunters fic because I'm trash) but haven't posted here just because I haven't had much to say? But I don't want to abandon livejournal, I want to hold on fast to the past like Blanche Dubois, so I thought I'd just scattershot some thoughts about the shows I've been watching and stuff. Mostly just talk to me!

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Now let's talk some shit!

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I didn’t do one of these last year because, lbr, it feels kind of useless on LJ these days, but I watched/read/enjoyed a lot of great stuff this year (esp. TV) so I thought it would be fun to throw together a post using other people’s gifs, which lessens the effort on my part considerably. And who doesn’t love low effort? (It actually was still a fair amount of effort, oop.)

For a more complete but less chatty list, feel free to peek at my 2015 Scrapbook.

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I recently watched Grosse Pointe, which was a (delightful) cancelled sitcom from 2000 that aired on the WB, written and created by Darren Star (of Sex and the City and Beverly Hills, 90210 fame). It only ran for seventeen episodes and was based on Star’s experiences on the set of 90210, so it’s a really interesting, very meta, behind-the-scenes look at the running of a teen melodrama on a semi-major network. The show within a show is called Grosse Pointe, about affluent teenagers in a Michigan (?) suburb, though it’s pretty blatantly 90210 and a lot of the character/actors are meant to stand in for each other. You get all these great hints of the show-within-the-show and how absurd it is, as well all the backstage drama like actors dating each other and backstabbing and going on the WB message boards to talk shit under pseudonyms, lol. It’s pretty fantastic, especially as a fan of the teen show genre.
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I haven't done a TV post in a while, which is unfortunate because I feel like it's been a particularly good year for TV. Or maybe just a particularly good year for me and TV; I feel like I've been watching and enjoying so many more shows than I did in recent years past.

As of right now, I am desperately obsessed with Penny Dreadful. Desperately obsessed. I have honestly not felt like this about a show in a long time; FX's You're the Worst probably came the closest to rustling up such intensity of feeling in me. And of course excluding longer-running now-defunct stuff like Mad Men. I am just so satisfied with Penny Dreadful; it is like everything 13-year-old goth me would have ever wanted in a show, except also attuned to 25-year-old me's non-asshole tastes. What do I even do until season three.

I don't know if anyone on my flist watches it so I'mma try to keep this post a mix of spoilery and spoiler-free; let's just all dive in together.

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Been feeling like posting lately but none of the stuff I have planned is exactly ~ready~ yet so I thought I'd do a bit of a television chatty post? I've been wanting to do one for a while, actually, since I always love reading everyone's what-I'm-watching type posts but for the past few years I haven't really been watching much, or haven't felt like talking about it. But I am actually watching things lately!

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Did you guys know about how Shawn Hunter has a literary podcast? Well apparently he does, because he likes to read books and stuff. And I've been listening to a couple eps (do you even call them episodes with podcasts? oh well) and generally liking it, but I was rather irritated when it came to their discussion of Flowers in the Attic and Sweet Valley High. There was a kind of automatic dismissal there that really bothered me – I hate people being snide about girl books. Those things are important to me. They are important to many girls, I'm sure. They are incredibly revealing of the culture of girlhood and the lives of girls, even the trashiest ones. And they shape us, because many of us read these books. It really rubbed me the wrong way, especially because when it came time for them to discuss a John Green book I felt there was a clear level of polite respect even amongst the criticisms that was totally missing from the discussion of FitA and SVH. Because a man wrote the Fault in Our Stars, I guess, but girl trash is girl trash.

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anonymous prompted: how about books/movies/songs/anything really that you liked, but from genres you usually avoid?

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anonymous prompted: How about movies you really, really hated? (Or the ones you were excited about, but ended up hating and why?)

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anonymous prompted: your favorite video games and/or graphic novels, and if not favorite tv scenes from any time period of your life

Wowza what a hard choice! I do not play video games, so that one's out; favorite tv scenes is very exciting but so broad I think it would take me forever! And I don't really understand what constitutes a graphic novel but I have been reading a lot of comics lately, so I guess let's do a ramble ramble post about comics? I hope that's cool with you, anon?

(But seriously, can someone explain graphic novels to me? Are they not the same thing as comics? Does a graphic novel have to be a standalone long work? When they compile a bunch of comics into a book, does that make it a graphic novel or is it something else? Is it an anthology? Bueller??)

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[ profile] lesoleilluna prompted: some of your favourite headcanons (gg, hp, or skins)

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Aaaaand back to our regularly scheduled programming, so sorry for the delay.

[ profile] 12_12_12 prompted: what are some of your favorite movie scenes/moments and why?

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Since I'm in the middle of moving, it seems likely I will not have internet access for a day or two, which will push back the meme answers a bit more. But I am determined to finish them before the month is up! Tho why did I choose these dates I'm not smart.

Thank u and good night. 


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