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does anyone have any good book recs? i haven't been able to get into anything this month. everything i pick up i just fritz out on after a few chapters.
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Here we are again, guys and dolls. I was also thinking of doing a 'stuff I liked in this hellhole year!' post but idk if anyone is interested? Let me know? If so, I'll do it but if not then bye.

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First of all, hey! I never post & am generally terrible. Second of all, MEME. This is my favorite prompt-gathering meme but I am fuckin TURRIBLE at writing fic lately though I am very desperate to read some! The problem with this is that finding fic that is to my taste is damn near impossible for some reason lately. I really miss the fic trends of my heyday because the fic trends of 2016 don't really work for me. Which leads me to the point of this post!

I thought it would be cute to twist the rules of this meme a little to receive recs instead of prompts. AKA please curate AO3 for me so I can stop scrolling through endless pages of NONSENSE.

01. I'm going to comment to this post with a list of characters or pairings I feel like reading.

02. Reply to said comment with recs. Feel free to write something if you get inspired!

03. If you want to receive recs as well, then post your own list of characters or pairings you're
interested in as a separate comment to this post--so that people can rec things to you!
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here are some ficathon fics i've been writing, gathered into one post for purposes of keeping my shit in one place:

+ surviving. jennifer's body, needy. post-movie.

+ so tired of it all. daredevil, frank/karen.

+ just need one last nail. daredevil, matt/elektra. au where he does kill roscoe sweeney.

and here is a rec for a very lovely and very painful jon/sansa fic that is exactly what i wanted in the wake of this recent season:

+ freshly disowned in some frozen devotion. by [ profile] sing_song_sung.


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