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Hey everyone. I realize that my return from hiatus has still been very...hiatus-y and I haven't been around a lot. I have had a very crummy and stressful month so far with more stress on the horizon. I also had the flu, which I'm still getting over. I've just been laying in a very quiet heap for days. So I...probably will continue to not be around that much but I wanted to post a little something just to prove that I'm, you know, alive. Which I mostly am.

Also due to technological mishaps I had to replace my old Photoshop with the new one and then RE-LEARN how to make gifs so if they look shittier than their normal level of shittiness (I am by no means a gif expert) then that is why.

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Potentially Relevant Links:
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It is here. It has begun. Max and Bárbara are going to fuck by the end of this recap. Buckle yourselves in, and let's go.
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I am afraid by posting this one so quickly on the heels of the first, I am setting a precedent that I will not be able to maintain.

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Welcome to the first of an indeterminate number of recaps (how long do we think I'll be able to keep this up?)! Also welcome to the world of Gossip Girl: Acapulco, where everyone has their dramatic showdowns in bikinis while standing next to killer views and the boys hardly bother putting on clothes at all. Strangely, it often makes more sense than the original. Welcome: you're safe here.

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