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After much time very wait, the fics for the exchange are unrevealed and ready for y'all to peruse! You can see them all here. Enjoy!

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it's due today

this post is here 2 remind u 2 post
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hey guys! so, the purpose of this post is twofold. one, the due date for the exchange is coming up on wednesday but i personally am not done, lol. my fic is legit like out of control long and it needs more work than i have time to give it by then. so i am considering pushing the due date back another week but i want to hear back from my co-mod before i do anything.

second of all, i just wanted to ask if anyone who is signed up and sees this post could shoot me a comment/message about their progress? i just want to get a sense of where people are at and also see if anyone is dropping out or anything. it's a very small exchange but i still don't want people who write something to potentially end up jilted, so if you could just let me know, that'd be great. :)

Deadline extended until Wednesday September 30 @ 12:00AM EDT.
Thank you so much to everyone who got back to me! Y'all are peaches.
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The deadline has been moved back until Wednesday, September 16 @ 12:00AM.

I hope if you needed the extra time (cough cough ME) then this is helpful to you; if you were already on schedule, then you are a better man than I and I salute you.
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Just here to remind you to write your fic already! Jk someone remind me to write my fic already.

The summer is very nearly half over, which means you should be thinking about your summer exchange fics! This is just a little reminder, lest you forget. If you have to drop out, now would be the time, though you should not, because I would cry and shake my fist at the heavens.

Assignments are due by August 30th, so I’ll see you then!

++ Also p.s. [ profile] stainofmylove is hosting a ficathon which tragically I missed the start of but here it is ppl should go be active on this website.
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Assignments are out! You should receive an email notification (check your spam folder!) but if not, you can also check the “my assignments” section of AO3. If you stiiiiill aren’t seeing it, let me know and I will cry, slam my fists against the earth, and curse AO3′s name.

Assignments are due by August 30th, so I’ll see you then! I’ll post little nagging reminders every so often until then.
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Yes, here I am hassling everyone on this graveyard wasteland again! You've got a couple of days, kids, so if you were thinking about signing up, you totally should, and now's the time.

Look at Dan in his shades! Doesn't he look like he wants you to sign up and write fanfic? As always, this is open to fandoms besides Gossip Girl if you want to ask for other stuff!!

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Hey, just me, continuing to be an update failure, here to tell you about this:

The second annual summertime fic exchange is upon us! The main fandom of the exchange is Gossip Girl, but it’s open to other fandoms as well! Hop on over here for more into and sign-ups, and feel free to drop any questions in this post, or over on my tumblr, or over on the other mod's tumblr.

Signups open May 1st and remain open until May 15th.

Stories are due August 30th.

Hope to see y'all getting involved! It turned out so great last year so my hopes are high. :)
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The summertime fic exchange fics have now been revealed on AO3. You can view the works here.

Thank you very much to everyone for participating; we were super pleased with the low drop out rate and this new bunch of GG fics!

Happy reading! And please remember to comment and thank your authors.
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Hello sweet summer children. Your fics are due! They have to be in by 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on August 31, which should give y’all all of today and Saturday to finish up!

Especially if you are like me, and you are not even done yet.
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Due to unexpected business and life, we're extending the due date of the exchange to AUGUST 30 @ 12am. If you have already posted your story, or already finished, you are a beautiful angel and you should feel the superior glow of accomplishing a goal before everyone else. If you have not, then congrats, you can procrastinate a little while longer! Personally I am in the latter category.

If you have to default, please do it now to save my sanity. But please don't default. That would be sad. I, a stranger on the internet, would be disappointed in you personally.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to ask here. Or on tumblr, either at fromlittlececily or lessoleilscouchants.

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Hello my darlings! This is a post telling you that signups have been extended until Monday May 19th. They close at 12:00am. You have until then to sign up. And then that's it, no more, signups go out and everyone has fun.

Currently our list of participants is: empty_scribbles, nereid, theviolonist, mollivanders, leobrat, stainofmylove, singsongsung, margot_tenenbaum, calisthenicswithwords.

If your name is not on that list and you want it to be, you know what to do.

If you are having any difficulties signing up, absolutely do not hesitate to ask. If you need an AO3 invite, leave me your email and I'll send you one (I'll make comments screened for this post just in case, for privacy).

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Hello my darlings. Since my poll generated a nice amount of interest, welcome to:

A multifandom-but-Gossip-Girl-heavy fic exchange taking place over summer 2014.

info & signups here
Please signup and pimp to your flist if you want, etc, etc! Signups will be open until mid-May and fics are not due until August, so you have plenty of time!

This is also where you'd comment if you wanna sign up to be a pinch hitter.

Edit: If you don't have an AO3 account, just PM me your email and I will send you an invite!
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[ profile] sing_song_sung and I were bemoaning the lack of general fandomness lately and particularly the lack of fic, so we were considering doing a small fic exchange, either multi-fandom or Gossip Girl-centric. Here is the post where I ask if anyone would do that! Or if anyone wants to ask questions or make suggestions or really anything of that nature.


[Poll #1965521][Poll #1965521]


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