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Idk if anyone goes on these sites enough to notice, but Photobucket abruptly decided I was no longer allowed to link to my pictures using them as a hosting site without paying upwards of $300 for the year, so I deleted my account. This will result in tons of broken links for things that I've put up and created over the course of more than a decade in my time in fandom. That is very upsetting to me, obviously. I don't really know what I'm going to do; I used to use Tumblr for hosting sometimes, but it resulted in a lot of broken links itself. I don't really have the energy for fandom that I used to have so most of it will likely remain fucked up. I might try to fix some of the more recent things I've posted, but we'll see. I don't know yet.

But just curious, any hosting sites that anyone is a fan of?
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hey children I backed up my ish over at dreamwidth @margotttenenbaum so over there now. sort of. I mean, not really. but I'm backed up.

sidenote: I hate having different usernames EVERYWHERE how does this always happen 2 me.
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Hey! I know I was supposed to start posting already, but I got distracted / busy / felt extremely run down and shitty today, so they will pick up Sunday! And hopefully straighten out. Instead of working on literally any of my prompts in advance, I got embroiled in this bedraggled thing I've had sitting around for literal YEARS so hopefully that will an additional Christmas treat if I finish it this year. 
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Hello babes and babettes.

Sorry I am a terrible person who flagrantly never checks her flist anymore at all ever! Please tell me how you are all doing. I am not doing much besides working (new job very happy), watching TV (many shows enjoying a lot of them), and also avoiding family drama (complicated, pointless, dramatic). I am working on some fic (a Matt/Claire/Elektra fic, another installment of the old Dan/Blair musicians AU because a friend requested it for her birthday, and some more fuckin Shadowhunters fic because I'm trash) but haven't posted here just because I haven't had much to say? But I don't want to abandon livejournal, I want to hold on fast to the past like Blanche Dubois, so I thought I'd just scattershot some thoughts about the shows I've been watching and stuff. Mostly just talk to me!

stuff I've been liking )

Now let's talk some shit!

talking some shit )
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Here are all my holiday prompt fics & spams (+ one) so if you missed one, or missed yours, then here it is!

twentieth century boy. ahs: hotel. liz/tristan. for [ profile] dancinbutterfly.
compared to what. tmfu. gaby & napoleon. for [ profile] ms_mmelissa.
what happened at the snow queen's palace and what happened afterwards. ahs: hotel. donovan-centric, multipairing. for [ profile] stainofmylove.
I allow myself. marvel. natasha-centric. gen. for [ profile] thecruelone.
say a little prayer. gossip girl. serena-centric. for anonymous.
anybody else would be long gone. gossip girl. serena/carter. for [ profile] sing_song_sung.
as the hours and the days and the weeks. gossip girl. dan-centric. 1940s wartime au. for [ profile] lookinglassgirl.
this is a french house. the overnight. fix-it fic. everyone/everyone.

alicia vikander. for [ profile] earnmysong.
sweet serial killer. ahs: hotel. donovan. for [ profile] bond_girl.
dita von teese. for [ profile] prefectlives.
we're both rotten. only you're a little more rotten. jessica jones. noir-inspired. for [ profile] ladymercury_10.

And I did a Best of 2015 post, for anyone interested.

I also wanted to say that I’ll be taking a little break – two or three weeks, depending on how I feel. I’m a little burned out, as I always get in the aftermath of my November/December/January fic writing fury (why am I always so productive at that time of the year?), and I have some personal stuff to catch up on. But honestly, mostly I am in desperate need of a break from the internet. You know how that just happens sometimes? I need to remove myself from it for a little while. If anything happens, feel free to drop me a line in this post. Otherwise, I’ll see you all sometime in late February!
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Hello y'all!

Stuff that I will hopefully doing in the remaining days before Christmas: a post about my favorite Christmas movies (very exciting I love Christmas movies), hopefully the final installment of the age of dissonance (it's about halfway done), and a monthly recap because I forgot that was a thing I do. Speaking of, have you seen my latest GGA recap and also this Little Women fic I wrote that I really liked? ANYWAY. If I have been quiet on the fic front lately it is because I was writing not one, not two, but three fics for Yuletide, which I will happily post here once reveals are up.

Mostly this is a post to say that [ profile] stainofmylove is having a holiday wish list post thingie, so y'all ought to go have a look and see if anything strikes your fancy! My list is here.

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I just do an updates post when I want to post something but have nothing of value to say lol. Me: refusing to accept the death of livejournal since 2012.

+ Nano is going pretty well, all things considered, and I am not really murderous or anything like I was last time I did it. It's a pretty chill experience this go around, which is nice. I am probably jinxing it but OH WELL. Also I can't believe November is half over. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO TIME.

+ I decided to push back my December prompts to January so I would have enough time for them, because I also have vague ideas of trying to do some Yuletide Treats this year.

+ Also I remembered that Ask Me Anything meme I did last year and it was pretty fun so I thought...why not do it again?

SO ASK ME ANYTHING! Comment to this post with questions/topics for one of the following dates and I'll answer them. Don't be creepy.

DEC 1: [ profile] ladymercury_10. core elements of your personal aesthetic both ideally and in practice
DEC 2: [ profile] lusimeles. your thoughts/feelings about old hollywood leading ladies and their super glam lives
DEC 3: [ profile] prefectlives. favorite makeup advertising campaigns OR favorite makeup brands in terms of ~aesthetic~/branding/packaging.
DEC 4: [ profile] jeuxdemaux. favorite tv shows as a kid (and why)? and if you have tried rewatching them in recent years: do you still like them?
DEC 5: anonnie. teen dramas? or if that's to broad what are your favourite teen shows, and which are your least favourite and why? or how do you think the genre has evolved from the days of Beverly Hills 90120, to the 90's, to the 00's, to now?


Oct. 23rd, 2015 12:47 pm
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Hello kiddos. I feel as though I am using this journal primarily for rambling and pointless updates lately. Here are some more!

+ I have finished the latest chapter of the age of dissonance but it still needs editing, so expect it sometime in the upcoming week. After that it’s just two more and we’re done!

+ I wanted to write a Halloween fic really badly, it was going to be a Serena/Carter Heathers AU and I was super excited about it, but I simply do not have the time so unfortunately I won’t be able to make that happen. I'm pretty disappointed but there's just not much I can do about it.

+ I’m going to try to participate in Nanowrimo again this year, which means you will probably see less (if any) fic from me in November, considering how all-consuming Nano gets (though I am splitting the workload with a friend this year!). I will also have Yuletide to work on, whenever those go out. And to make up for the lack of fic, I think I’m going to put up my December prompts post very early in November so we can all get excited about the stuff that will be happening then. Be warned: I am going to be a hardass this year, and that is my right.

So that’s the next couple of months for us all, fic-wise. The only WIPs I have besides dissonance is another Dan/Carter fic that I’m in no hurry to finish and a Gaby/Napoleon fic that I would like to finish but don’t quite know what to do with. Right now there’s just a lot of dancing and angry flirting. That’s where I’m at.

me after subjecting myself to nano again, probably
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I know I've been kind of MIA lately for uninteresting personal reasons and I'm having a bit of trouble with motivation and inspiration after being out of practice for a couple of months. This always happens to me around this time of year, but it doesn't ever stop being annoying. So in the interest of holding myself accountable for stuff, in the coming weeks I will try to:

+ finish/post all those fics I've been threatening
+ actually update 'age of dissonance'
+ do another GGA recap, if anyone still cares

Alsooooo one of my goals for the year was to write more Marvel fic but it's less ingrained in my head than stuff like GG so I figured I'd ask for prompts! Here is where my main interests lie:

+ characters: Steve, Natasha, Peggy & Agent Carter crew, Bucky, Clint & Hawkeye crew, Sam, Bruce, Matt, Claire, other people I'm probably forgetting.
+ ships: Steve/Nat, Steve/Peggy, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Bruce, Steve/Clint. Nat/Bucky. Clint/Bobbi. Matt/Claire. Any weird or rare stuff. Part of me is intrigued by the idea of pre-war Bucky/Angie. I'm chill with most things so don't be afraid to ask.

also help i've fallen for matt murdock and i can't get up
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Every so often I poke around my journal and judge my productivity or lack thereof, and yo. I am APPALLED at my own WIP progress. I post like a chapter ONCE A YEAR how does anyone even deal with that! That's so stupid! No wonder I always feel like I can't maintain interest loooool.

But it is a new month, I am always trying to be better, and every so often I try and use my inability to relax for good. Basically what this means is I am going to attempt a regular posting schedule. I only have two WIPs going right now and it is incredibly unlikely that I will ever do another because I'm obviously not very good at the upkeep, so I think this is a manageable goal. These are both fics I intend to finish and by putting deadlines out into the world, I hope to, you know, actually finish them. I usually work very well with deadlines.

So. Here it is:

I am going to post age of dissonance on the first of the month, starting in October. without a key will be posted on the 15th of the month, also starting in October. This month, you are likely to get at least one or more of the five things posts, in addition to a Dan/Carter fic that is getting very out of hand and the third (and final) installment of the musicians au fic.

Those are my goals so far. We will take it from there. 


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