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shadowhunters. maia roberts, jace wayland, luke garroway.
4385 words. w: discussion of past abuse.

summary: Jordan was the bogeyman Maia had banished at the end of the horror movie that was high school. She had not expected to see him again.

( maia doesn't look back )
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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland/simon lewis. 3556 words.

summary: Coming by Maia's to watch a movie had become a lot less fun for Simon ever since she started going out with Jace.

( maybe I can solve this with geometry )
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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland.
1518 words. post 2x14.

summary: "I'm not interested in helping you carry your emotional baggage," Maia says. "That's not what this is." // Jace meets her unimpressed stare. "Then what is it?"

( we got nothing in common except all our problems and pain )
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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland.
1221 words. post 2x13.

summary: Maia and Jace, the morning after.

note: another one for the ol smut meme. [community profile] girljustdied , this one's for you.

( you're a window, I'm a knife )
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shadowhunters. magnus bane/alec lightwood.
1443 words. post 2x12.

summary: Alec feels like he hasn't taken a breath since Magnus came back out to sit with him, wanting so badly to do something and knowing nothing was enough.

note: Weirdly, this inspiration for this came from the smut prompts, but it is not at all smutty and mostly just sad.

( touch my skin to keep me whole )
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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland.
1610 words. set vaguely in s2b. AO3 link.

summary: Maia and Jace have gotten in the habit of tossing back shots together and spitting out barbs, soaking in their tequila bitterness. They share the rolled eyes and snide little smirks of people who are acting like assholes because their bruises are still too sore.

note: for the NSFW ficathon, where you should totally still be leaving prompts!

thinking 'bout your tattooed knuckles on my thigh, boy )

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shadowhunters. maia roberts/jace wayland.
4k. post-2x10. warnings in the additional tags on AO3.

summary: It's such a stupid thing to be holding hands with a Shadowhunter after hours in her bar, sitting close together and sharing scars. Feeling sympathy. Feeling anything.

( I should tell them that I'm not afraid to die )
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shadowhunters. simon lewis/jace wayland.
14k. post-2x10. warnings in the additional tags on AO3.

summary: Even though his body has stopped wanting the venom, Jace still wants the bite.

( stay with me under these waves tonight )
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shadowhunters. simon lewis/jace wayland.
10k. AU in which Jace is Simon's personal trainer.

summary: "Looks like you got here just in time," Jace the Personal Trainer says, gaze dragging up from the soles of Simon's ratty Converse to the fluff of his un-brushed hair. "You know video games aren't cardio, right?"

note: for blairbending! this fic was entirely her idea, I just ran with it. <3

( pick up what I'm putting down )
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shadowhunters. simon lewis/raphael santiago.
7.5k. classic hollywood AU. ao3 link.

summary: When Simon went out to Hollywood, he told his mother that he got an accounting job on a studio lot, doing the numbers on costumes and sets. Instead he pretended to play whatever instrument they asked him to in the background of Paramount's latest, Hotel Dumort. That was where he met Raphael.

oh I was moved by your screen dream )
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shadowhunters. isabelle/meliorn. pre-series. 2k. ao3 link.

summary: Isabelle was the only one who wasn't afraid to go to the faerie market. That was where she met Meliorn.

note: For clarizabels! So sorry for the delay. I had an iffy couple of days, so prompts will resume after the holidays. :)
yet my mouth waters still )
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the diamond days are done
shadowhunters. magnus bane/camille belcort.
2.6k words. pre-series.

summary: Was it wrong to enjoy her softness when she so liked to be sharp?

( kissed by darkness, birthed by violence )
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saving simon lewis
shadowhunters. simon/raphael.
2.5k words. au wherein raphael prevents simon's death. ao3 link.

summary: Raphael closed his eyes and appeared to mentally count to ten if the tap of his fingers against the outside of his thigh was anything to go by.

note: final part!

part three )
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saving simon lewis
shadowhunters. simon/raphael.
2k words. au wherein raphael prevents simon's death. ao3 link.

summary: Raphael closed his eyes and appeared to mentally count to ten if the tap of his fingers against the outside of his thigh was anything to go by.

note: decided to continue it! :)

part two )
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I'm gonna leave you anyway
shadowhunters. lydia/jace.
1592 words. set post-s1. ao3 link.

summary: "Come on," she says. "You want a challenge, don't you?"

note: I actually did finish this yesterday I was just too sleepy to post! I didn't actually get the prompt for this from my recent post, it was from somewhere else, I can't remember. I've been holding onto it ever since though, so lemme know if anybody remember it being theirs! Couldn't resist the combo of You're the Worst and a rare ship. Ended up a sadder fic than I intended, though.

i'm scared of this shit, you know? )
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see I'm much too clever
shadowhunters. simon/jace.
1075 words. set during 1x06. ao3 link.

summary: "This is bad," Simon groaned, head thrown back against the leather interior of Luke's crashed, stashed car. "This is so bad."

note: for one of these prompts. I was going to do something else for today but it wasn't working out so I threw together some quick porn. As one does. Also I want everyone to know I finished this before midnight but my INTERNET DIED.

to stay inside my lane when it's spiraling )
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saving simon lewis
shadowhunters. simon/raphael. pre-slash
2000 words. au wherein raphael prevents simon's death. ao3 link.

summary: Simon tried to envision himself sitting amongst all those moody, black-clad warriors and saying, You remember that Raphael guy? He wasn't as bad as the other vampires trying to kill me for sport and blackmail. He only poked me with a knife a little bit.

note: Diverges from canon right before Simon is killed; instead thanks to Raphael he gets to hang onto his mundie card a little longer. Just a random idea I had this morning and decided to try out. Not sure I really did it any justice. For one of these prompts.

you're not supposed to invite them in )
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thanks to the full moon in scorpio
shadowhunters. alec/magnus. post-s1.
6926 words. ao3 link.

summary: No one was paying any attention at all to Alec, so Alec kept paying attention to Magnus.

note: Inspired by their final scene in 1x13, and also an attempt to fill in potentially missing moments in their relationship before that.
you're the grand one but darling i'm a mess )
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crave you
shadowhunters. clary/izzy. multiple background pairings. roommate AU.
3781 words. ao3 link.

summary: Every morning Clary wakes up warm and happy that she ended up with Isabelle as a roommate. She's not sure what she did to get so lucky.

Nights are a different story.

note: Inspired by this post that was making the rounds on tumblr/in fandom.

got my heart in a silver cage )
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I never really post icons here anymore, but I do update the icons page of my graphics tumblr semi-regularly. I recently put up some Dan/Blair icons, and there's plenty of Alicia Vikander, American Horror Story, some other stuff. I just did an unnecessarily big post of Shadowhunters icons, so I figured I'd thrown them up here too for old times' sake. I do miss livejournal, so I'm trying not to neglect it too badly.

Maybe I'm an old-fashioned snob, but not care for the aesthetics of most tumblr icons? I mean, icons in general are a dying art lbr but livejournal ones are always so much cuter.

i have no chill )


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